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looking for a Maxi-cosi loan please

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Dora Sun 16-Sep-18 22:40:25

Hello has anyone got a maxi-cosi that they would be happy to lend me for 3 weeks - I have an isofix but not the maxi-cosi. My daughter is coming to visit for 3 weeks in October/November. I live in W6 and work in Surrey so am able to collect anywhere from west London through to Surrey. thanks smile

phoenix Sun 16-Sep-18 22:56:06

Sorry, but I haven't got the faintest idea of what either of those are!

Jalima1108 Sun 16-Sep-18 23:02:56

How is she travelling Dora?

DD once brought one over from Australia with her. They put it through as special luggage and it went into the hold. ~She could shrink wrap it.

MawBroon Mon 17-Sep-18 05:36:30

Car seat Phoenix!

FarNorth Mon 17-Sep-18 06:16:22

I thought it was a bathing suit.

BlueBelle Mon 17-Sep-18 07:17:21

Foreign language Isofix? I thought it was for dentures😂
My kids always brought their own car seats if that’s what it is with them on the plane
Is this something major or larger than normal or maybe plane rules have changed

Grannyknot Mon 17-Sep-18 07:19:54

Dora you might have more luck on a local Facebook group (in your area) ... I live in SW London and people on the local Mums FB group are always swopping and lending stuff.

Enjoy the family visit flowers

Bellanonna Mon 17-Sep-18 07:55:08

Just wondering why the one you have would not be suitable?
Enjoy the visit with your family.

rubysong Mon 17-Sep-18 08:15:40

When I saw the heading i thought you were about to buy one and needed to borrow the money. (They are a bit pricey.). I hope you find one. Facebook is probably your best option.

Iam64 Mon 17-Sep-18 08:17:49

Try your local facebook page - ours is great for grandparent swops and shares

Brunette10 Mon 17-Sep-18 09:01:29

Do you have Gumtree? Perhaps try there too.

harrigran Mon 17-Sep-18 09:06:24

I just gave ours away but I am in the north of England.
Maxi-cosi seats got such a good write up that we installed one in our car for GC, very secure and good safety record.

Jalima1108 Mon 17-Sep-18 10:21:12

Please don't buy a second hand one - you never know if it has been in an accident.
Unless, of course, you know the seller and trust them.

Jalima1108 Mon 17-Sep-18 10:22:35

Just wondering why the one you have would not be suitable?
I don't think that Dora has one Bellanonna
Isofix is just the bit in the car which the seat fits into.

Missfoodlove Mon 17-Sep-18 10:45:30

Try Gumtree for a used one. I purchased a car seat from the site, used it for a few weeks and sold it for more than I paid.

GeorgieKay Mon 17-Sep-18 11:02:30

Had to look at this as I was intrigued to know what a maxi-cosi was !! Relieved to see it isn't a large swimming costume !! Sorry I can't help but I hope you find one.

Bellanonna Mon 17-Sep-18 13:21:03

Ah, thanks Jalima!

Jalima1108 Mon 17-Sep-18 13:23:51

Thank goodness our DGC have grown out of them now!
I used to find it quite difficult getting the seat into the Isofix fittings in my car.

Cold Mon 17-Sep-18 13:47:29

Can your DD not bring her seat?

Be a little wary if you choose to buy second hand. Car seats are designed to withstand one crash and after this they will never protect properly. Insurers condem the seats after a crash and pay out - but some people try to sell them to make even more cash ....

HildaW Mon 17-Sep-18 13:53:34

You might be better off googling Nursery equipment hire businesses in your area. Much better to pay for a professional rental than risk a dodgy second hand loan.

M0nica Mon 17-Sep-18 17:09:10

Try Freegle.

SueDonim Mon 17-Sep-18 18:17:27

I'd never risk putting a baby into a used car seat unless you can guarantee it's provenance.

If your Dd is bringing a baby surely she'll need to bring a baby seat as well? That's what my son has always done.

Jalima1108 Mon 17-Sep-18 20:12:01

Me neither SueDonim