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Mice and traps

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Grammaretto Fri 21-Sep-18 16:37:30

It' s that time of year again. Mice have been seen and evidence left.
I found a trap but once daubed with peanut butter, I couldn't get it to set. It keeps springing back and scaring me.
What's your preferred method of coping with mice?

We had a cat for 20 years but she used to play with them which seemed more cruel than traps.

aggie Fri 21-Sep-18 16:55:48

we used white plastic things easier to set , but I hadn't the stomach to empty ! sorry no idea of the name

Squiffy Fri 21-Sep-18 20:20:19

I use this one: Rentokil Live Capture Mouse Trap Black. It’s about £5.00 and works brilliantly. A little peanut butter does the trick!

Easy to use, humane and easy to release the mouse to a new home!

Lilypops Fri 21-Sep-18 22:05:23

Squiffy, we use the Rentokil humane trap too, Last year we caught two mice putting chocolate inside ,we then released them in the field opposite, at least we didn't have to clean up anything messy,!!

Lilypops Fri 21-Sep-18 22:08:18

Reading my post again it reads like the mice were putting the chocolate in side the trap,I meant that's what we used as bait,obviously !!😊🐀

Grammaretto Fri 21-Sep-18 22:56:05

I shall get some of those traps. Thanks.
So long as no-one wants to keep them as pets!
I love the idea of the mice putting chocolate inside.