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adhesive removal

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kathsue Fri 28-Sep-18 20:51:16

My toilet roll holder was fixed to the tiled wall with "No more Nails" or something similar. It's just fallen off leaving a big lump of the adhesive stuck to the wall. The only way I know to remove it is to use boiling water but I'm afraid that would crack the tile. Does anyone have any ideas?

Alima Fri 28-Sep-18 20:56:18

Stick it back up?

JudyJudy12 Fri 28-Sep-18 20:59:44

WD40 is worth a try.

kathsue Fri 28-Sep-18 21:08:09

Can't stick it back on without removing the old adhesive. If I put more stuff on top it won't fit against the wall IYSWIM. I'll get some WD40 tomorrow and try it.

Melanieeastanglia Fri 28-Sep-18 21:41:24

Are you sure boiling water would crack the tile? I am happy to be corrected but I would have thought tiles were meant to withstand boiling water. Perhaps use soapy water.

I hope you manage to remove the adhesive.

Maybelle Fri 28-Sep-18 21:50:42

Would steam soften and loosen the adhesive? Do You have a steam cleaner you can try. I use mine to clean the bathroom tiles without damaging them.
Or a wallpaper stripper steam pad held there.

Grannyknot Fri 28-Sep-18 21:53:46

I have something similar to this for just that sort of problem:¤cy=GBP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_NPlhMre3QIVwbHtCh2EnAMDEAQYBiABEgJzofD_BwE

Grannyknot Fri 28-Sep-18 21:56:05

Meant to add a disclaimer grin - I've never used it on tiles.

I think Wilko has similar products (if you have one near you).

TwiceAsNice Fri 28-Sep-18 22:33:36

White spirit might work

Allegretto Fri 28-Sep-18 22:43:53

Nail polish remover?

Mamissimo Fri 28-Sep-18 23:14:29

Kathsue - I’ve just asked my very practical DH and he says try very carefully to slide/cut behind the glue just a little at the top and then dribble a little WD40 in. Give it time to work and repeat....he says it will work but takes time. Good luck!

MiniMoon Fri 28-Sep-18 23:44:35

Try Multi-Solve. DH used it to remove the sticky labels that are stuck to the floor when cleaning in Waitrose. You can use it on glass, so I reckon it would be safe to use on tiles.

MiniMoon Fri 28-Sep-18 23:46:32

Oh, I meant to say that the floor is highly polished tiles, and Multi-Solve doesn't leave marks.

Nanabilly Sat 29-Sep-18 03:08:26

Try sliding some dental floss behind the blob of glue and cutting into it with a sawing motion then try the wd40 or sticky stuff remover but read the instructions . Apply then leave for 10 whole minutes or it does not work.
If all else fails ... A hammer 🔨and chisel.

NfkDumpling Sat 29-Sep-18 06:19:08

Multi-Solve first and then WD40 if that doesn’t work.

Willow500 Sat 29-Sep-18 06:34:06

I'd try a window scraper paint remover but then I'm pretty clumsy and the dental floss would probably be a better idea. Once it's off you can now get suction toilet roll holders which work well on tiles - we've had one on our toilet wall for over a year now and it's never come off. Tiles need to be perfectly flat though so if they're the patterned type it won't work.

harrigran Sat 29-Sep-18 09:10:01

Sticky stuff remover, available from Lakeland. I use it to remove everythi g from price tags to tar marks on floors. It has never let me down, even takes chewing gum out of hair.

harrigran Sat 29-Sep-18 09:13:20

Suggest you do not use WD40 as it will leave residue on the tiles and nothing will stick again.

tiredoldwoman Sat 29-Sep-18 10:33:47

Maybe warm it with a hairdryer then try to chip it off with a plastic spatula ? Gently gently !

shysal Sat 29-Sep-18 10:44:10

Multisolve sounds good, I have ordered some. Thanks for the recommendation, Grannyknot.

I find most sticky substance dissolves with lighter fluid. I often use it on oil splashes on my clothes as well as label residue etc.

kathsue Sat 29-Sep-18 12:44:19

Success! Used the hairdryer and a very sharp knife to scrape most of it off then lighter fluid for the residue.

Thank you for all of you suggestions.

NfkDumpling Sat 29-Sep-18 14:16:26

Thank you for letting us know what works. I'm sure it'll come in handy one day!