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kittylester Fri 26-Oct-18 09:59:20

One of the handles fell off my casserole pan last week - luckily before I had started my Portuguese beef for 8!!! I've had it years and used it loads and know that I will really miss it over the winter. I have a bigger, Jamie Oliver, one but that one is too big to use generally, and also a couple of LeCrueset ones that are too heavy for me now when they are full.

I am looking for a replacement which is not teflon coated, holds about 2.5 to 3l and is ok to use on the hob, put in the oven and then to put on the table.

Has anyone any suggestions? Thank you.

Greyduster Fri 26-Oct-18 10:07:42

I have a Stellar stainless steel one which unfortunately I can’t use on my hob now as it is non induction, but I use it often in the oven. It was part of a set of Stellar pans I bought years ago and they did sterling service until we had the induction hob put in. I will send a photo when the kitchen floor is dry!!

Greyduster Fri 26-Oct-18 10:13:52

It holds three litres easily.

DoraMarr Fri 26-Oct-18 10:15:15

IKEA have several, including this one which I covet:

And some other less expensive ones which may be lighter.

kittylester Fri 26-Oct-18 10:20:41

gd, that's the sort I'm after, thank you! I didn't think of stellar.

I love that too, Dora - the pans I use daily are ikea and I love them.

Happiyogi Fri 26-Oct-18 10:58:46

Do we think there's any significance to the IKEA name for it - Senior! grin

annsixty Fri 26-Oct-18 11:04:57

Our garden centre has recently been re-vamped and a large area has been taken over by a Prochef display. I assume it is a concession as it has its own counter and till.
I found I could not lift some of the items empty, never mind full.
It is a huge consideration for some of us.
The Ikea one looks good, is it light and durable?

Greyduster Fri 26-Oct-18 11:17:15

Ooh that Ikea one is nice!

MaizieD Fri 26-Oct-18 11:34:17

The Ikea one looks nice, but have you seen what it weighs shock. Is this a misprint?

From the Ikea description: Weight:6.42 kg

That is somewhere in the region of 14lbs! And you think Le Creuset pans are heavy...

Fennel Fri 26-Oct-18 11:44:33
I bought this one recently.
Sadly had to get rid of a much used one when we got and induction hob.
It's quite lightweight. Handles etc ovenproof.

kittylester Fri 26-Oct-18 11:49:12

I'm looking for a wide one about 4" deep.

glammanana Fri 26-Oct-18 11:58:34

I have a white enamal/blue 5lt stockpot pan which belonged to my mum and use it quite often for stews/scouse etc I then freeze into dishes or pass on to my family.
For every day use I have a Judge stockpot part of a set I bought about 20yrs ago it holds 2.5 lts and as good now as when I bought it from TJs they have a vast selection of really good pans.