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Changing my clock

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Grannyben Sat 27-Oct-18 21:39:51

I'm going to bed now. Do I put my clock to 20.39 or 22.39? My mother has just confused me and I haven't got a clue any longer

Lynne59 Sat 27-Oct-18 21:43:52

Your clock needs to go BACK, by ONE hour

Nannylovesshopping Sat 27-Oct-18 21:44:14

20.39 Grannyben night night, sleep well

Bathsheba Sat 27-Oct-18 21:44:50

Just remember: Spring forward, fall backward 😊

mcem Sat 27-Oct-18 21:45:50

Spring forward. Fall back.
I fully expect all my clocks to adjust themselves.

Grannyben Sat 27-Oct-18 21:45:59

Thank you. I'm now going to bed at 20.45. I was sure that was right but my dear mother had me questioning it

MiniMoon Sat 27-Oct-18 22:07:25

I've already set my kitchen clocks back one hour. That is the wall clock, the microwave and the oven. The phone and Echo show will reset themselves. If be all at sea in the morning otherwise. I'll do my mantle clock before I go to bed.
Spring forward, Fall back.

Grannyben Sat 27-Oct-18 22:13:19

So did I MiniMoon but, made my usual last call to mother dearest who said "oh it's 11 o'clock". Ten minutes of discussion later and I didn't know what day it was, let alone time. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but I've got to be up for work

tanith Sat 27-Oct-18 22:36:29

I think everything adjusts itself but I’ll check in the morning as I used to leave it to DH but I gues that’s now become my job too 😥

merlotgran Sat 27-Oct-18 22:40:19

My sis-in-law is a bit of a hoarder. She has 80 clocks!! shock

Tomorrow afternoon I will message her and ask if she has changed them all because I've remembered to change my one. grin

Bellanonna Sat 27-Oct-18 22:41:50

Tanith 😢

MawBroon Sat 27-Oct-18 23:32:29

Oh tanith I’m afraid it is sad
Fortunately most things seem to update themselves, iPads, computer etc but I have done the boiler clock and my clock radio before coming to bed and will do the car clock tomorrow. The burglar alarm can stay as it is and the cooker clock has not said the right time in years!
In the “olden” days of the video/tv/dvd recorder plus assorted clocks around the house I used to reckon it took me all of the “extra hour” by the time I had reset them all!

tanith Sun 28-Oct-18 07:14:16

Thanks Bella and Maw I just realised the boiler clock will need changing I have no clue how that works smile oh yes and the car confused

aggie Sun 28-Oct-18 07:21:23

My boiler clock changed by itself , the bedside one didn't !

Oldwoman70 Sun 28-Oct-18 08:02:24

It is confusing when some clocks adjust themselves and others don't - and I always forget which ones do! My bedside clock hasn't adjusted, my computer has, my telephone has, one radio has but the other hasn't. Wall clock, mantle clock and Aga clock don't.

Anniebach Sun 28-Oct-18 08:21:30

I dislike clocks, only have a bedside radio clock , same as the phone and iPad it changes without any help from me.