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kittylester Wed 07-Nov-18 07:31:39

Due to buying a new, bigger chair we are having to move the TV and Sky box from one side of the room to the other which will involve miles of flipping wire round the walls.

DD3 suggested we look at having SkyQ and I wondered what other people's experience are.

We currently have 2 subscriptions (for historical reasons) and have Sky on both the playroom and lounge tvs. Dh is investigating but I thought I'd ask for real experiences from goers.

Thank you.

Grannyknot Wed 07-Nov-18 07:45:32

Husband was talked into We have Sky Q and I honestly can't say I notice any difference apart from having to get used to a changed menu format ...

We don't have Sky multi-room, alternate viewing comprises of Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Bopeep14 Wed 07-Nov-18 08:09:48

We changed to skyQ this year and honestly wish we hadn’t. First thing was it’s supposed to be wireless connection to the internet ours won’t connect wirelessly so is hard wired via a cable which goes from one side of the room to the other. Next thing we noticed was if you have multiple boxes the recorded programs are on all boxes which means scrolling through more programs to get to what you want to watch. You can’t download on multiple boxes at the same time. The mini box gets very hot and keeps losing connection to the main box. It won’t play one episode after another on children’s tv you have to download the whole series first which I find the most irritating. When you turn the box on it comes on automatically to the home menu not a tv channel. The main box is Very noisy when it’s updateing but usually does it early hours of the morning. The remote is very sensitive and easily changes Chanel if it gets knocked. The only thing I find useful is the voice command. All that said it’s like anything else you get used to it over time.

maytime2 Wed 07-Nov-18 09:36:54

I like Sky Q because I no longer have to juggle around the various programmes and look at the + channels to fit everything in. (Why is it that nearly every thing I want to watch is on a Weds or Thurs at 9.00 p.m.) I agree that the older version of the Sky box is easier to manage. I find the voice command very hit or miss, I think it finds my accent hard to understand! Sorry two "finds" in one sentence.

Grannyknot Wed 07-Nov-18 11:41:38

I've just remembered a very irritating quirk of Sky Q - it thinks it is too clever: I daren't even glance or stop on a programme momentarily and the next thing it is "series linked" to record! Then I have husband chirping "Who recorded XXX" or "Are you actually watching XXX" plus I can no longer have "guilty pleasures" - it gives me away grin

BoPeep I have my own Sky remote, the technician left it here for me when he came (they had to come several times to get the set-up right) because I complained about the sensitive one that changes channels when you breathe near it. The rest of the family seem to get on okay with it, excepting for the odd occasion when husband leans on it and it whizzes to fast forward.

Sielha Thu 08-Nov-18 23:12:32

Useful info this as am changing to Sky Q on 29th November after phoning Sky to reduce my bill! Have actually done that by quite a considerable amount but am now wondering if I will live to regret it!