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Being a trolley dolly!!!

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j00ls312 Thu 08-Nov-18 10:25:29

I have a seriously painful shoulder after an accident years ago. I’ve been struggling carrying heavy shopping bags and now I’ve finally succumbed and bought a shopping trolley!! Funky trolley I love it!
The thing is I can’t work out the logistics of shopping in a supermarket and using their trolley as well??!! Any advice would be welcome

GrannyGravy13 Thu 08-Nov-18 10:38:10

Does it hang on the hook under the handle?

HootyMcOwlface Thu 08-Nov-18 10:46:12

I had one when I couldn’t drive. It hung on the hook under the handle on the trolley in Aldi, a bit of a pfaff walking round as I kept kicking it though. It didn’t fit in the Asda trolley though, their hook was too low, so I had to stand it in the trolley.

Elrel Thu 08-Nov-18 11:45:52

My local small Tesco is happy for me to put my shopping in bags in my own trolley and haul it out at the checkout. I've never been challenged but always tell whoever is behind the counter what I'm doing anyway. Some people park their trolleys near the Tesco trolleys which are actually in the shop.

Elrel Thu 08-Nov-18 11:47:55

I also shop in Iceland for bulky things as they deliver free.

ninathenana Thu 08-Nov-18 12:06:02

If your supermarket has self scanning then you can pack it straight in to your trolly.

gmelon Thu 08-Nov-18 13:37:33

Oh you be taken me back. When I was a small child a weekly trip to Sainsburys with my Grandmother pulling her trusty boxy trolley. There was a designated enclosure for the personal shopping trolleys. It had a sort of low wall round it.
Trolley envy was rife amongst the ladies.

j00ls312 Thu 08-Nov-18 14:31:29

Thanks for all the info!
I haven’t actually used the trolley yet, I love the look of it but it still feels too grannyish but then again I’m in agony carrying shopping, so it’s a no brainer really. I might lurk at my local supermarket to check out trolley etiquette.......hopefully they won’t call security!!!!

MiniMoon Thu 08-Nov-18 14:44:25

Don't worry about looking "grannyish" j00ls*. My sister, who is 7 years younger than me has been using her shopping trolley for years. In fact, I think she's on to her second one!

MiniMoon Thu 08-Nov-18 14:45:14

PS, she's not a grandma yet 😄😄

felice Thu 08-Nov-18 15:33:40

Lots of people use them here, age no object. Mine does not fit on the hook and I use it to put my shopping in and take it to the checkout. I just show the person on the till the empty trolley once I have put everything on the conveyor belt.

Elegran Thu 08-Nov-18 16:25:40

I don't stand mine in the shopping trolley, as the wheels have been rolling along the pavement through heaven kows what. If it won't hang on the handle I lay it across the top, with the handle at the trolley handle end where I can hold them both together, and the wheels sticking out at the front. I haven't knocked anyone down yet! The shopping goes under it until I reach the checkout.

Buffybee Thu 08-Nov-18 18:13:57

My Grandchildren at University and living in accommodation with 6 others tell me that they all share a Shopper as they call it, so they can carry more from the Supermarket.
Perhaps people will think that you're a trendy Student. 😂

j00ls312 Fri 09-Nov-18 10:48:52

Thanks Buffybee - I’ll get a couple of A4 folders to put on top of my shopping!
Job done!

EllanVannin Fri 09-Nov-18 11:01:16

My GD bought me a trolley a few years ago and having used it only twice it's more trouble than what it's worth. Getting to the supermarket I had to plonk it inside the trolley then on reaching the checkout everything that I'd bought wouldn't fit in it so I still had to have two more bags extra. GD had said it would suit me as I only have to buy for myself. She had to be kidding as I still buy as though I feed the family and still manage to get through it all in a couple of weeks. I have to eat ! smile

susieq3 Sat 10-Nov-18 09:35:55

Would it not stand up in one of the bigger trolleys at the end. But only of course if it’s not too heavy to lift.

Jaxie Sat 10-Nov-18 13:42:10

Don't worry about them being grannyish: your sore shoulder needs a break. If you are tall though, you find that the handles of most shopping trolleys are too low and you have to hunch over them. Any Gransnetters recommend one for tall dames?

EllanVannin Sat 10-Nov-18 14:49:22

Blimey even after a mini stroke I wouldn't use a stick.For balance I used my pointy umbrella then nobody would notice hahaha.

Blue45Sapphire Sat 10-Nov-18 14:54:28

I've got one as well, don't use it very often as Sainsbury's deliver, but when I do, I tend to use a Sainsbury's deep trolley, as it hangs from the hook nicely. Their shallow trolleys are not tall enough. Happy shopping!