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Lazer eye surgery

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Elenkalubleton Sun 11-Nov-18 14:34:47

Hi everyone,I just happened to mention to my husband that a friend had had Lazer surgery on her eyes,she is nearly 60 and was about 55 when she had it done.He then said well you can have it as a Xmas present if you like! I was surprised and excited at the thought,as have often thought would be nice to go glasses free,also wear contacts occasionally which can also be a faff.Have been shortsited from age 11.Having Googled all the info,am nervous about it.Have any of you had it done in later life? I am 71.

Jette Sun 11-Nov-18 14:54:36

I would never do anything to my eyes unless it was medically neccessary.Once done it cannot be undone.

FlexibleFriend Sun 11-Nov-18 15:02:04

No I'd be too scared of it going wrong. I only need glasses or contacts for driving and tv so manage well without them most of the time, the glasses spend more time on top of my head than on my face.

SpringyChicken Sun 11-Nov-18 15:19:15

A friend has had it done and recommended it. It wasn't a particularly traumatic experience. But not everyone is a suitable candidate, it depends on what is wrong with the vision. My husband wanted to have it done but the specialist advised him against it in his particular circumstances.

BlueBelle Sun 11-Nov-18 15:29:39

My son had his lasered 20 years ago and still has 20/20 vision I d have it in a flash if my eyes were suitable I ve had laser treatment for retinas it doesn’t hurt or give any trouble at all but as Springy says you have to have the right condition and not everyone has

Framilode Sun 11-Nov-18 15:40:29

My husband had it done nearly 30 years ago and his eyes are still perfect.

Purpledaffodil Sun 11-Nov-18 15:53:21

Friend had it done as a retirement present to herself. She loves the freedom from glasses and contacts all day and only has to buy cheapo reading glasses from the chemist.

JaneA Sun 11-Nov-18 16:06:24

I had mine done in 1993 - 25 years ago. Never regretted it. Go for it.

M0nica Sun 11-Nov-18 19:19:42

I got the same effect by developing cataracts. The surgeon puts a prescription lens in your eye - and your away. What is more it needn't cost a penny as it is done by the NHS.

Laser surgery is only suitable if you are not too short sighted. and problems can arise if you later need surgery for cataracts.

If your eyesight is really bad and not suitable for laser surgery, you can have what is effectively cataract surgery before you have cataracts, the healthy lens in your eye is removed and replaced by a prescription lens. Obviously you will then never get cataracts.

lovingit Sun 11-Nov-18 20:37:20

Best thing I ever did just sorry I waited until I was 57.

tidyskatemum Sun 11-Nov-18 21:05:22

DD, who would never wear her glasses, had it done and has never looked back. My glasses are like milk bottles because I'm so short sighted so I can't have laser surgery but I've got an initial appointment for lens replacement this week. The surgery isn't cheap but neither are my specs because they need such specialised lenses. How anyone reliant on NHS specs copes is beyond me.

Elenkalubleton Sun 11-Nov-18 21:12:07

Thanks everyone,not worried about the procedure,just googled what can (very Rarely) go wrong and the horrific photographs ! I’m not extremely shortsited but need for driving,TV.Be nice to see the world in focus without glasses!

Jimjam1 Thu 06-Dec-18 22:21:49

Had mine done through optical express in Bristol eight years ago. Best thing I’ve had done. Don’t need glasses anymore. First thing I noticed once I had my eyes done was the colour of everything around me. As long as you are suitable go girl!

stella1949 Fri 07-Dec-18 06:48:31

My son had terrible vision - he had the laser when he was about 20. He is now 39 and still has perfect vision. I remember when he had it done - he came home and said he could see the leaves on the trees for the first time in his life. It changed his life completely !

Liz46 Fri 07-Dec-18 08:11:42

I second what MOnica said. I have had my cataracts done and was asked if I had ever had laser surgery. It can make cataract surgery more difficult.

Jane10 Fri 07-Dec-18 10:06:04

My friend had laser eye surgery done at considerable expense and was pleased for a few years but with ageing his eyes changed and now he has to wear glasses. Bit of a financial own goal sadly.

Buffybee Fri 07-Dec-18 11:59:40

The best thing that I have ever done!
If you're suitable I would recommend having it done.
There is no pain having the procedure done but there is a feeling that you have grit in your eyes for about 6 hours after. They advised me to take a sleeping tablet and go to bed as soon as I got home.
I would do it again in an instant!

GillT57 Fri 07-Dec-18 12:10:45

I am seriously considering having this done as I am getting fed up with wearing glasses all day every day, it is really tricky doing yoga and aqua aerobics and such. As I wear varifocals I realise that I may sometime need reading glasses but as these can be bought everywhere now that is not a problem. Please let us know how your enquiries go, I am probably not the only one interested.