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Little kettle sounds like jet landing

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Caledonai14 Mon 26-Nov-18 13:38:41

I bought a small kettle for £1 at a summer sale. It was clean, new and never been used. It holds exactly two cups and is much easier to use than the big kettle.
It boils quite quickly and switches itself off. Perfect.
However, as well as the usual kettle sounds it makes a sound like a jet plane landing in the garden.
Has anyone got any ideas or have you got something similar?

Lollin Mon 26-Nov-18 20:18:36

No ideas i have a kettle the normal 5 cup maximum size and it sounds like an aeroplane taking off. I have thought about buying a really expensive kettle but i do not know if they are really quiet.

MissAdventure Mon 26-Nov-18 20:20:31

I have a noisy kettle too.
Once its on there is no chance of hearing anything.
Its still working though; no limescale, so I'm holding on to it for now.

Caledonai14 Tue 27-Nov-18 09:52:37

Thanks for the replies. Yes, as long as it does the job I'm not worried where it lands the plane. grin

harrigran Tue 27-Nov-18 10:16:52

I had a one that did that and stood it on a cork mat.