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Desperately seeking a Gran..Bristol

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Mulan123 Sun 16-Dec-18 12:18:24

Hello all,

I'm new to Gransnet and have joined specifically to ask this question... We live away from family (300 miles away) due to work plus both my parents have passed away.. We have a 5 year old who asks me all the time "why don't I have a grannie mummy" She see other children being collected from school or playing with their grandparents at the park... I want to stress at this point that I am not looking for childcare! I am looking for my 5 year to have a loving relationship with a 'grannie' figure and for that person to be involved in our life. I have wonderful memories of my gran who taught me so much about life and love, not to mention baking, sewing and knitting.. Of course, I can teach my little one these things (and do) but there is something so special about the time and experience spent with a Gran.... We live in Bristol and I don't know where to start trying to find our adopted Gran..In return we'd offer love, friendship and help with anything great or small... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated x

Charleygirl5 Sun 16-Dec-18 12:31:03

Welcome Mulan123 if you look at old posts on this subject you will find that the vast majority of GNs do not approve.

BlueBelle Sun 16-Dec-18 12:53:12

Hello Mulan and welcome I have to add to Chaliegirls posts it’s really not something you can manufacture Think of all the red tape and years of hoops to jump through in adopting a child it sounds so simple ‘adopt a granny’ but there could be so many unforeseen problems for both sides, for the elderly person or for the child There are safety issues again for both, it is a huge involvement would you want this elderly person police checked ? Would they want you police checked ? Families have a huge job getting on all the time what happens if the grandma decides she doesn’t want to be a grandma any more it is just not the simple equation it sounds ‘We need a grandma, you fit the bill we all live happily ever after’
The very best way is to look to people you already know are there any elderly friends living nearby, are there any friends with mums and dads who could fit another under their wing do you work with any older folk, tried and tested
and sometimes it is just how it is children have to learn to cope with what they have or haven’t got Two of my grandkids have no dad he died when they were small they have had to realise that’s their life and adapt to accomodate it
I know it sounds lovely but it’s a minefield