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ninathenana Sat 29-Dec-18 10:52:53

On NYD we will be 5 adults a 6 y.o. and a 9 y.o has anyone any ideas for party games (not board games) that we can all enjoy together. The adults enjoy 'who am I' but the children couldn't play. I might try 'what am I' but are there any other ideas ?

Luckygirl Sat 29-Dec-18 11:12:55

Get hold of the farting pig game - honestly it has everyone in stitches.

Charades and play it in twos so that the children have an adult to help them.

Word definitions - this needs a bit of preparation. It is really a version of Call my Bluff. You need two people to do the preparation so that they can be on opposite teams and not get asked the words that they researched.

Look up on google - unusual or funny words. You then make a set of cards with the true definition of the word on one - the others are blank - just have the word itself on the top. Each person on a team has to read out the definition - but only one person knows the real one; all the others have to make something up. Then the opposing team have to guess which is the right one. We have played this with 6 and 9 year olds and it is great fun.

But you do have to research the words/definition and prepare the cards in advance.

nanasam Sat 29-Dec-18 11:13:15

We play a game whilst we’re sat round the table (don’t know its name). Hands on the table, then one person taps with one hand, then the other, then the next person does the same. Eg. Player 1) lh, rh. P2) lh, rh. P3) lh, rh and so on. Then someone taps twice and the direction is reversed. Eg P1) lh, rh. P2) lh, rh. P3) lh, rh, rh, lh. P2) rh, lh. P1) rh, rh. P2) lh, rh and so on.

You can make it more difficult by crossing your hands, so we have to tap back to front, so to speak. The taps must still follow around the table.

The very hardest level is to cross hands with the people both sides of you, Then you have to include their taps with yours.

The person who makes a mistake is out.

Sounds more complicated than it is but it’s a lot of fun and our little ones enjoyed it from about the same age as yours.

Have fun!

JackyB Sat 29-Dec-18 11:46:11

You used to be able to get cassettes with games where you had to guess what a noise was. You can probably download them these days.

Greenfinch Sat 29-Dec-18 12:02:31

We play "tip it" .There are two teams one on each side of the table.A coin is passed under the table between the members of one of the teams and the" leader " says UP and everyone on that side of the table puts their fists on the table.Someone on the other side says "take it away" to one fist and that person shows an empty hand. When the guesser thinks they know who has it they say "tip it" to that fist.If they are right they claim the coin and their team has a go.If wrong the original team scores a point, retains the coin and has another go.Thefirst team to 21 is the winner.

Greyduster Sat 29-Dec-18 12:10:18

We play “spoons” which is great fun. You need to line up a number of spoons one less than the number of people playing and then, from a deck of playing cards, take a number of suits equivalent to the number of people playing, beginning with the King downward. For seven people you would have all four suits with cards from King down to seven. Put the rest aside. Deal all the cards out to all the players. Lay the spoons in a line on the table (this is not a good game to play with a cloth on the table, or for a precious tabletop!). Deal out the cards. Then a designated person gives the command to pass, and each person passes a card face down to the person on his left. Cards continue to be passed until one person gets a set of four cards. Without declaring the set, or she then quickly reaches for a spoon! When one person has grabbed a spoon, everyone else must then try and grab a spoon, even if they don’t have four matching cards. The one left without a spoon is out! A spoon and a suit of cards is then removed from the game and play continues until one spoon, two players and two suits of cards are left.

NanaandGrampy Sat 29-Dec-18 12:53:57

We play a kind of variation of Play Your Cards Right.

It takes a little bit of prep.

Grampy made a board that we prop on a chair with 4 little shelves. Prior to the game I took an old pack of playing cards and printed out faces for all our family and stuck one face on a card .

We then deal them face down , 5 to a shelf.

Turn over the first card - let’s say it’s Grampy , the question asked of whoever is playing is ‘ Higher or lower’ ( meaning age!)

If they say higher and the next card turned is a child - they’re wrong and we start again with the next player. If they were right then we repeat until they either get to the end of the 4 shelves and they win a prize or they get it wrong and the next person gets a turn.

We also play happy family with the same cards , and matching pairs I.e Grampy and I are a pair, their mummy and daddy are a pair etc.

Nice and simple for all!

Have a lovely time x

kittylester Sat 29-Dec-18 13:02:45

Fizz buzz always has us in stitches - really simple but effective!

Elliepops Mon 14-Jan-19 15:55:58

Linkee is great fun.

Elliepops Mon 14-Jan-19 16:00:32

My other half has has psoriasis for donkey's years. On his scalp. Have tried all preparations,drs , chemists.,reccomendations. Thought we had it with body shops ginger shampoo,but it's come back. It's also on eyebrows , forehead and eyelids. Help please.

kittylester Tue 15-Jan-19 07:38:57

elllipops, you would be better to start a separate thread with your question.