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Does anyone know what this is please

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LadyGracie Sat 29-Dec-18 12:49:08

I’ve just received this picture from my sister asking what this object is, I’m sure a wise gransnetter will know smile

MiniMoon Sat 29-Dec-18 13:32:06

It's a tool for holding a ham. You unscrew the ring, for it over the bone and tighten it. You now have a long handle for assisting you when carving from the ham joint.

MiniMoon Sat 29-Dec-18 13:33:00

Put it over

Greyduster Sat 29-Dec-18 13:38:15

Well bless me! I’ve never seen anything like that before! Makes perfect sense when you think about it!

LadyGracie Sat 29-Dec-18 13:49:03

Thank you very much MiniMoon. Yes, it does make sense when you think about it thanks

MiniMoon Sat 29-Dec-18 13:52:13

DH father had a grocery shop. He boiled his own hams on the bone in a huge machine in the back room of the shop. They had a tool just like the one in the photo, for carving the ham at home at Christmas. It was in my MiL's kitchen drawer for years.

Kateykrunch Sat 29-Dec-18 14:08:43

Glad you found out about the ham holder thingymajig. I hope you knowledgeable GNers can help me with my query.
What is this for?

midgey Sat 29-Dec-18 14:13:16

Oh Kateykrunch that mustn’t be touched ntil well into the new year grin Positively dangerous.....

Chewbacca Sat 29-Dec-18 14:14:21

Hmmm.... I think I've seen one of those before Kateykrunch but I'm not sure what it's purpose is. Could it be a polo stick? hmm

NanaandGrampy Sat 29-Dec-18 17:30:05

It’s a spider catcher of course !!

mcem Sat 29-Dec-18 18:19:07

It's a rather attractive ornament which enriches the environment of the understand cupboard.

mcem Sat 29-Dec-18 18:20:09

Understair cupboard!
How do I tame predictive text?

ninathenana Sat 29-Dec-18 18:25:32

If you go to settings on your device you should be able to turn off predictive.

Greyduster Sat 29-Dec-18 18:31:59

mcem my understairs cupboard passeth all understanding!!

mcem Sat 29-Dec-18 18:47:41

Thanks nina. Never noticed that option!