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Christening shawl.

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MiniMoon Sat 05-Jan-19 11:26:07

A friend has asked me to crochet a shawl for her niece's new baby, expected in a couple of months. I am having difficulty finding a suitable pattern. She doesn't mind what shape it is, as long as it's big enough to wrap the baby in so that it can cover his/her head.
I'm looking for a vintage type shawl, the only ones I've seen online are more like blankets.
Any ideas where I might find one? I'm an experienced crocheter, so am not put off by intricate stitches.

FlexibleFriend Sat 05-Jan-19 12:13:13

Some nice ones here

FlexibleFriend Sat 05-Jan-19 12:20:38

or here

FlexibleFriend Sat 05-Jan-19 12:31:07

A touch of Nostalgia on Etsy seems to have some lovely lacy patterns some of which are very cheap and download instantly, if only I was as capable as you.

Nonnie Sat 05-Jan-19 12:35:19

If you can't find one let me know and I'll look through my patterns to see if I have any. I know I have 2 knitting ones using, I think 2 ply which cost 1/-. I loved making them,

MiniMoon Sat 05-Jan-19 12:42:22

I keep forgetting about Etsy. Thank you, I'll have a look there. I've seen one or two on eBay, but when you have an idea in your head, it's difficult to find anything to match it. I only wish I was confident enough to design my own pattern.

SueDonim Sat 05-Jan-19 13:09:09

Check out, too. Some of their patterns are free, some are paid-for.

ninathenana Sat 05-Jan-19 13:20:36

There are some beautiful circular ones on Pintrest that say you can download for free.

GrannyLiv Sat 05-Jan-19 13:20:45

Hi Minimoon, how about these ...

MiniMoon Sat 05-Jan-19 14:00:34

Thanks for your time everyone. I looked on Etsy and purchased a pattern, well five patterns actually. I will show them to my friend at Knit and Natter on Wednesday, and see which one she likes. In my mountain of pattern books, I could only find one baby shawl, and not very suitable.

FlexibleFriend Sat 05-Jan-19 14:46:26

Do we get to see the finished shawl?

nonnasusie Sat 05-Jan-19 15:03:55

When I had my 1st baby an older colleague crocheted a beautiful circular shawl in pure wool do me! I was afraid to wash it in case I ruined it so kept it for best including DD christening. Unfortunately it disappeared and I still don't know what happened to it!!

PECS Sat 05-Jan-19 15:07:48

I have the one I crocheted for my DD2 but no pattern!, Mislaid the shawl iwhen DGCs were little but it resurfaced when we were clearing cupboards before we moved house!

Chewbacca Sat 05-Jan-19 15:08:59

I knitted christening blankets for both of my GC and I incorporated their initials into each blanket. Both have been stored away now and I like to think that, at sometime in the distant future, they'll be brought out and used again and someone will remember "Granny" and all the love that went into each stitch. smile

Anja Sat 05-Jan-19 15:09:30

I still have the christening shawl crocheted by an aunt for my DD. She’s 47 now. It was like a cape and had a hood. It’s so beautiful.

mcem Sat 05-Jan-19 15:11:35

Pity you don't seem to choose to knit rather than crochet. Crochet shawls are always a bit "chunkier" than a fine 2ply Shetland shawl.
I'm 3/4 of the way through a 'feather and fan' shawl - a very simple pattern I've now knitted around 10 times.
If you do find a crochet shawl in 2 or 3 ply wool I'd love to know about it please. (And as FF requested would love to see your finished article).
Good luck with it!

mcem Sat 05-Jan-19 15:22:35

GrannyLiv that must be the prettiest crocheted shawl I've seen. The second link garments are also lovely but knitted not crocheted. Can't access the revelry one as I'm not a member.

GrannyLiv Sun 06-Jan-19 00:07:31

mcem - oh it IS knitting isn't it!! I'll blame that on not wearing my glasses! The last one is a circular shawl, with a spiral design.

And yes Minimoon, we'd love to see the finished shawl smile

4allweknow Sun 06-Jan-19 11:19:20

Know what you mean about shawls looking like blankets. If you use the internet type in "lacy baby shawls to crochet" and you will find patterns for the traditional round shawls. The kind you stretch out on a sheet. My DM knitted them for my children. Light as a feather with beautiful delicate patterns. Still have them 48 years later.

mcem Sun 06-Jan-19 12:06:12

Checked out more. This is the first time I've seen finer crocheted shawls so thanks to those who pointed me in the right direction. Also found a pic of the one I'm working on!

VictoriaMeldrew Sun 06-Jan-19 17:02:43

Everyone has suggested really good places and patterns but throwing in my two pennorth.....when I was looking for a knitting pattern for a baby blanket, I went round local charity shops. Most of them had very large folders FULL of them! Spoilt for choice.

I was only limited by my ability confused

GrannyLiv Tue 08-Jan-19 20:29:33

That is a lovely pattern. smile