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onaclearday Sun 06-Jan-19 18:58:41

I am hoping to do some longer walks with my dogs. At the moment I just wear any old thing but would like to look a bit smarter though also be prepared for any changes in the weather. I used to wear a waxed jacket (many moons ago) but have been told that the newer fabrics are lighter, machine washable and more comfortable. I did have a waterproof jacket that just dripped down my legs and soaked my trousers! I have looked at walking trousers on line but haven't a clue what to choose. Can any of you lovely ladies point me in the right direction please?

sodapop Sun 06-Jan-19 19:28:51

Cotton traders do some lined waterproof trousers onaclearday or there are plenty of over trouser types around. Unfortunately they are not the most chic garments in the world. I feel like a walking balloon in mine but they do work.