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Gift for a one year old great grandson

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Frannytoo Mon 07-Jan-19 11:25:53

We shall be visiting our family in Australia and will be there for the first birthday of our first grand child. Should we take an appropriate toy or something much more memorable? I doubt if he will be christened so the classic baptism gifts are not suitable. Any ideas on a memorable gift?

Tangerine Mon 07-Jan-19 11:31:00

Picture for his room? One that will be suitable for a child but will not be unsuitable for him as he ages.

Gonegirl Mon 07-Jan-19 11:36:39

Perhaps find a beautifully illustrated copy of a children's classic book? Wind in the Willows? Or Winnie the Pooh? Something very English. (Assuming you are English) You can write in a book too.

Marilla Mon 07-Jan-19 11:45:50

A ‘Melissa and Doug Wooden Stacking Train’ is a lovely traditional toy and will guarantee many hours of fun.

Daddima Mon 07-Jan-19 11:47:23

What about booking a family portrait?

Granny23 Mon 07-Jan-19 11:51:20

We gave each of our DGC a fruit tree for their 1st Birthdays. All of them are now flourishing and bearing fruit, much to the delight of the children.

I am sure that you would be able to buy an appropriate tree in Australia and have a wee ceremony to plant it.

grannyactivist Mon 07-Jan-19 12:42:06

Granny23 - that's a lovely idea. smile

agnurse Mon 07-Jan-19 16:54:22

Just make sure that if you buy a fruit tree the parents want it and will be able to care for it. Some families don't have a yard and/or don't want to have a yard, or aren't into gardening.

If you would like to buy him a toy, I would suggest either a book or something that he can do on his own - stacking or push/pull toys are a hit at that age. (Just make sure it doesn't make a racket.)

BlueBelle Mon 07-Jan-19 16:56:46

I think the tree is a lovely idea but I d be worried that if I bought for three and one tree died it would be awful

silverlining48 Mon 07-Jan-19 17:38:46

I would do memorable. What about a Steiff toy Animal, not cheap but very collectable and something lovely to keep.
I like the portrait idea too.
Enjoy your trip.