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Wording for 18th Birthday

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NudeJude Wed 09-Jan-19 11:38:33

Hi everyone!

It's my eldest granddaughter's 18th birthday next month, and as a little gift that she can carry around with her, I've decided to buy an engraved handbag mirror but I don't really want to write anything on it that will specifically say 18th Today or anything like that, as there is facility to put the date on in another place. Unfortunately though, I've got a mental block, and can't think what I might put, so I thought I'd consult with all you 'Grans', and see what ideas you can come up with. The layout is like this

3-13 characters on the first line
3-13 characters on the second line

To give you an idea of what I'm thinking of I would like something that maybe alludes to her being an adult, ie All Grow Up! or Officially You Can Vote Now, something along those lines.

Over to you lot and thanks in anticipation.

Buffybee Wed 09-Jan-19 11:50:04

I would just put her name on it.

MawBroon Wed 09-Jan-19 11:54:47

“All grown up “ sounds very patronising and the thing about voting could be superseded if the voting age is dropped to 16 as some are suggesting.

How about her first name
“From your loving Gran “ on the second?

MawBroon Wed 09-Jan-19 11:55:24

I meant Name on the first line (centred)

Telly Wed 09-Jan-19 12:20:16

I would just do her initials and add Sent With Love
Nice idea!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 09-Jan-19 12:38:30

Her Christian names on first line

Love from Nan and date on second

ninathenana Wed 09-Jan-19 13:25:19

Like Maw I think "all grown up" etc. no matter how you word it sounds cheesy.

Mary Jane

love from, nan

The 13 characters is restricting.

Izabella Wed 09-Jan-19 13:43:14

I would just put her name on. Anything else would not be street cred. smile She will always know it is from her gran.
I have an ancient Stratton case with mirror with no inscription at all and so many people have commented on it over the years. I just tell them its special and was from my mum. Has a beautiful swan on with blue background.