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What would shock your children/grandchildr en?

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grapefruit Tue 15-Jan-19 10:23:33

Well, this story goes against the stereotype! Apparently there's a significant increase in cannabis users amongst older people in the US. I wonder how this translates to the UK? I'd point out that according to the article apparently the downsides - i.e. impaired brain functionality - is more likely to affect younger users.
Did get me to thinking about the things you've done in your life that would shock your children or grandchildren. I haven't tried drugs but I did break off an engagement to someone when I met my husband, who was my then fiancé's boss. Not exactly a dark family secret but at the time it was quite a big thing and out of character for me. I was always the good girl and did what was expected of me. Till then!

Teetime Tue 15-Jan-19 11:25:11

My 14 year old grandson is more embarrassed than shocked at anything even vaguely sexual but particularly does not like kissing on TV and doesn't like being kissed. I get away with it by aiming at the top of his head and even then he ducks - he does give a lot of unsolicited hugs though and will cuddle up next to me on the sofa.

EllanVannin Tue 15-Jan-19 11:54:54

If the GGC saw me dancing around as I do on my own when I have my CD's on. I don't know what their reaction would be at all, especially the near teen ones. Embarrassment I expect. They're all kissable and huggable though.

I've never touched weed and have no intention of starting now as it shrinks the brain as does it shrink in old age so those who do can only end up " brainless " in more ways than one.

sodapop Tue 15-Jan-19 12:10:14

My daughter was quite stunned when she finally worked out I was pregnant with her when I got married.
Any suggestion of parents/grandparents having a sexual relationship is met with shock. Of course the dancing is always a source of amusement.

Nonnie Tue 15-Jan-19 12:44:00

Not sure about shocking but they were really suprised when I used a gif in response to a WhatsApp!

I think we have reached the stage when they want to treat us as the children, tell us how to use our phones etc but when it comes down to something important they value my opinions.

etheltbags1 Tue 15-Jan-19 12:54:02

I've done nothing really shocking, I'm really boring but I would like to try cannabis just once to see what the youngsters get out of it, despite having been a drugs worker. I wouldn't fancy any others as I know the risks and anyway I haven't much brain to shrink. Lol

M0nica Tue 15-Jan-19 16:58:58

I wish I had.

Twin2 Tue 15-Jan-19 18:33:41

They don’t know I went skinny dipping in my 40’s at midnight in the Pacific Ocean .

Framilode Tue 15-Jan-19 18:40:42

Tried cannabis once - it just sent me to sleep.

Mycatisahacker Tue 15-Jan-19 18:41:55

Love this thread op.

See my younger kids are teens and my older ones 30s with kids.

I see a certain type of priggishness in my teenagers.

When we told them me I was on a date with one boy but ditched him for dh, lied to the original lad to get him to drive us back to my house and then told him we were finished and dh and I left his car to spend a torrid night the nurses home ( those were the days) they were shocked!

Bless them

petra Tue 15-Jan-19 18:45:20

It's never too late. My late Mother in Law expressed the wish to try cannabis in her late seventies. She was pleasantly surprised.

ninathenana Tue 15-Jan-19 18:49:00

Sex in a corn field shockgrin

MissAdventure Tue 15-Jan-19 18:58:07

Mine are unshockable I think.
Besides which, I keep my dark secrets to myself. wink

Bellanonna Tue 15-Jan-19 19:01:36


Chewbacca Tue 15-Jan-19 19:08:16

I don't know if my AC would be shocked if he knew that OH and I had danced naked in the garden during a hot summer's evening downpour.

MissAdventure Tue 15-Jan-19 19:09:04


Mycatisahacker Tue 15-Jan-19 19:17:10

Seriously a more priggish generation than millennials I have yet to meet!

Or maybe every generation is priggish at the thought of their parents having sex grin

Bellanonna Tue 15-Jan-19 19:43:11

Chewy that sounds really romantic 🙂😍

BradfordLass72 Tue 15-Jan-19 19:43:47

I don't need weed to impair my brain function - age has managed to do that quite nicely. smile

Marydoll Tue 15-Jan-19 20:18:06

When I was youth hostelling around Europe in my misspent youth , my friend and I sat on a bench beside the river in Salzburg in the dark to have something to eat. The hostel was a horrible place, with no cooking facilities.
Two policemen came along and moved us on, as they thought we were prostitues, soliciting. blush

etheltbags1 Wed 16-Jan-19 19:46:44

Just remembered I had sec in a forrest

grandtanteJE65 Thu 17-Jan-19 12:54:16

The fact that we sleep naked, even although they do too!

newnanny Thu 17-Jan-19 12:58:56

The look of surprise on my eldest sons face when I played him at a game of pool in a pub and beat him. Then I beat him three more times. Ha, he looked shell shocked as he did not know i could play and used to be quite good. I have trophies i won as a teenager he had never seen as in loft somewhere.

Grammaretto Thu 17-Jan-19 13:16:08

I hichhiked alone a few times -something I wouldn't approve of now but I had no money for fares and lived on a student grant with no top ups.
I tried cannabis once. It made me sick..

sunseeker Thu 17-Jan-19 13:25:41

I have no children - so no grandchildren - but I recall my adult nephew being very shocked when he heard me swear! It wasn't a particularly strong swear word but I assume he thought his generation invented swearing (and sex).

There is something doing the rounds on the internet about an elderly woman grinning whilst at a family BBQ, when asked why she replied that everyone there existed because she got laid!