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OK where are my walking sticks?

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Stansgran Wed 30-Jan-19 09:49:52

I came home from physio yesterday walking cautiously down our sloping drive in the sleet with two hospital walking sticks. I left both near the front door with my coat and gloves on a bench rather hoping the kitchen fairy would hang my coat up ( it's still there) I can walk without sticks in the house unless very tired. I made a cup of coffee as I was cold and we had lunch. I told DH about the new exercise I had been told to try. ( a sort of lunge from a second step) we have steps but no staircase- house is split level) DH brought the sticks in and I pointed to the approximate height on the sticks where the step height would be and DH went off to find something suitable- stool or low chair. The sticks have not been seen since.
1.DH does not have form for tidying things away.
2. Things are put down in any clear space by him
3. I do not live in Buckingham Palace
They are hidden in plain sight. But where? Help me please.

Izabella Wed 30-Jan-19 10:08:59

My Current Husband has the most annoying response to this sort of query. It is "where you left them darling." Not helpful.

If it is any help I had aluminium sticks after a foot operation once and they were always getting misplaced, but usually turned up lying down somewhere having fallen between things. Hope you find them soon. Another tip is get one of those things for keys you whistle at and attach to the sticks. Then you can whistle and you know where they are.

Squiffy Wed 30-Jan-19 10:23:43

If he's anything like Mr S, he will have put them somewhere up high and lying flat (on top of the computer cabinet etc), so that they cannot be seen from 'ground level'!

Greyduster Wed 30-Jan-19 10:35:07

We had this problem recently when DH’s back trouble meant that he needed a stout walking stick. We have an assortment of sticks - big ones, small ones, ornamental ones, technical poles, but I knew there was one that was just right for the job. I turned the house and garage upside down and couldn’t find it. Then I remembered that my grandson had fetched it out of the garage to fish some bits of Lego from under the sofa in the conservatory. It eventually turned up in there, hidden behind a sun umbrella that was parked at the side of the bookcase (note to self: remember to put things away at the end of the summer!).

Elegran Wed 30-Jan-19 10:49:30

Did he take them with him to find the Thing of suitable height for your lunging? After finding it, he wouldn't need the stick(s) any more to measure everything against, so may have--dumped them-- put them down there?

Elegran Wed 30-Jan-19 10:50:30

dumped them (probably the right term)