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Luba Sat 16-Feb-19 22:00:43

I'm a newby on here and wondered if any of you guys live in the Norwich area x

Izzywizzy Sat 16-Feb-19 23:10:02

Hi Luba, welcome to Gransnet 😁
I live quite close to Norwich and I’m sure there are several others who live around this area. Were you thinking of a meet up?

BlueBelle Sat 16-Feb-19 23:15:20

I m not in Norwich but not too far away

Mistigris Sun 17-Feb-19 05:28:49

Hi, I am fairly new to gransnet, and live close to Norwich. Would love to join you if you are thinking of a meeting.

Pittcity Sun 17-Feb-19 08:53:41

There are quite a few Norfolk grans. I have been to a couple of Norwich meetups, although this was a while ago.