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Kateykrunch Tue 19-Feb-19 10:54:42

Following on from the Holiday Home thread, someone mentioned they had had a Static on a nice quiet site with very reasonable site fees. I wonder if any of you know of any? The ones I have looked into have had fees of around £4-5000 pa, which I just think is far too much. Am I living in cloud cuckoo land hoping to find something around £2000pa? Areas I am looking at are Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and within easy reach of the coast. Any snippets of info gratefully received, thanks x

bikergran Tue 19-Feb-19 11:29:27

My mum used to have a static caravan on Riverside Holiday Park Morecambe, Lancaster road.

They sold it about 2 years ago due to ill health.
But it was a nice quiet site, nothing for children, it sits on the edge of the River Lune, theres an oldy world pub more or less on your doorstep.

The road does get flooded on a couple of occasions when its high tide think its about twice a year but I may be wrong.

I do miss going up for the odd weekend.

But do bare in mind there are a lot of rules and regs on a static site (my mum had to pay over £2,000 to come off! the site) They couldn't sell the caravan as new owners took over.So in the end they got nothing.
I seem to think the site rent was about 1,500/1,70
Depends what kind of site your looking for, just do your homework first as in buying ,selling again etc.

bikergran Tue 19-Feb-19 11:30:17


granjan15 Wed 20-Feb-19 10:22:53

We used to have a static caravan on a lovely quiet site at Bempton on the east coast between Bridlington and Filey. Mainly retired owners and no letting. Fees around £2500. Bempton Chalet Park, just down the road from the RSPB site at Bempton cliffs.

Kateykrunch Wed 20-Feb-19 11:38:15

Thank you for info Biker and Granjan, I will have a look into those suggestions.

MrsEggy Fri 22-Feb-19 10:25:41

Don't forget you have to pay rates to the local authority in addition to site fees.

MawBroon Fri 22-Feb-19 10:28:37

I wonder if cheneslieges ever managed to sell theirs.
There can be pitfalls.

granjan15 Fri 22-Feb-19 18:02:40

We didn’t have to pay rates to the local authority in Bempton. We just had to show proof that we were paying council tax to our local authority at home. We were not allowed to stay in the caravan for six weeks out of every year. We had to pay for insurance and for electricity and gas (piped in, not cylinders).

granjan15 Fri 22-Feb-19 18:06:39

Site owners would’ve taken 15% if we sold our caravan privately (it’s in the contract) but that was waved as we sold it to them for a fair price.