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How to get a refund from Amazon

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goldengirl Wed 20-Feb-19 12:07:50

I'm trying to work out how to get a refund from Amazon. I've bought 2 books which I've not received and learned that they'd been returned to seller as there was a despatch problem.
I've been all round the houses on the Amazon website to find out how to get my money back but the refunds appear to only relate to goods actually received and there's a cheeky piece at the end asking if the information was helpful. I said no and it came up that they'd bear that in mind but no details were asked!!
Helpful? Definitely NOT!
Any suggestions would be VERY welcome.

There is no customer number or email to contact for advice

Anja Wed 20-Feb-19 12:19:23

Go to their website and in the top left hand corner there are three bars. Click on this and you’ll get the drop-down menu. See customer services second from bottom.

Anja Wed 20-Feb-19 12:22:45

0800 279 7234

shysal Wed 20-Feb-19 12:31:41

Go to My Account and log in, then My Orders. A list will be on the right hand of the page for your item. One of the options is Problem with Order. When you click on this there is another list including Item Did Not Arrive. From there you can leave details for the seller. They are usually very anxious to put right any problems.
Good luck!

MawBroon Wed 20-Feb-19 12:47:01

Ranks along with securing a Brexit deal, peace in the Middle East and training your unicorn.
Good luck!

grannyqueenie Wed 20-Feb-19 12:51:02

maw grin grin

Bathsheba Wed 20-Feb-19 12:56:53

I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to track down a customer services phone number for Amazon. When I eventually found it I immediately stored it on my phone, and wrote it down in a notebook. Don't ever want to have to waste so much time again grin. Why do they make it so difficult? confused

phoenix Wed 20-Feb-19 13:02:22

I have found their "live chat" function pretty good.

goldengirl Wed 20-Feb-19 14:49:43

THANK YOU all for your helpful comments. Mission accomplished thanks

FlexibleFriend Thu 21-Feb-19 13:20:24

I always use live chat and you find the problem is dealt with immediately and a refund issued in an instant.

Anja Thu 21-Feb-19 13:30:05

Yes, once you do get through to them Amazon Customer Services are good.

lemongrove Thu 21-Feb-19 13:34:41

You already have an answer OP 😃
I have always found getting refunds from Amazon very easy.
Sometimes the goods arrive, after the refund, then you can just keep them ( happened a couple of times and Amazon and the seller say keep them.)

NanaMacGeek Thu 21-Feb-19 14:19:45

I had a text to say that my order had been delivered to the householder (that's me), but it hadn't. I checked the neighbours and the garden, then contacted Amazon and was given an immediate refund. Three days later, DS found the delivery in the log store! I contacted Amazon and they took payment from me over the phone. Well, I have a clear conscience but think they could have made a concession because their carrier was at fault.

Franbern Sun 24-Feb-19 16:36:01

One of the reasons for using Amazon (do have a bit of a conscience about this) is their good customer service, and ease of getting refunds with non-deliveries or faulty goods.

SueH49 Mon 25-Feb-19 04:52:48

I made a claim for an item that was not received. I found the process pretty easy and has been described above by other posters. Amazon replied within a couple of days and the refund was in my account within 5 days (weekend included) of making the claim.

Spudtm Wed 20-Mar-19 14:55:34

Amazon have an excellent customer service. Never had problems with refunds.

sodapop Wed 20-Mar-19 17:42:18

Yes I have had some excellent customer service from Amazon. Their live chat is really helpful as FlexibleFriend said

Coolgran65 Wed 20-Mar-19 19:23:18

I also have always had excellent customer service from Amazon. As mention by sodapop their live chat option is superb.

Last week I bought 5 books for my Kindle. Two downloaded and 3 did not. I went on to live chat and Amazon re-sent the 3 relevant books. It was all sorted within about 3 minutes from when I discovered the books had not downloaded.

hdh74 Wed 20-Mar-19 21:57:08

Ooh, how do you find live chat please? I've never been able to find that on Amazon.