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Africa Sun 10-Mar-19 08:12:05

Hi, I’m considering living in rural Wales but currently work in London.
I’m only in London twice a week but cannot see how I can do this realistically from Wales.
I’d love ideas of how people earn an income in rural Wales having moved from the London Home Counties to make living there possible?

Bellanonna Sun 10-Mar-19 08:20:42

Interesting question Africa. Is it for an article? Welcome to Gransnet if you are new.

kittylester Sun 10-Mar-19 09:08:19

Welcome from me too!!

Luckygirl Sun 10-Mar-19 09:30:27

We are a suspicious lot!! grin

kittylester Sun 10-Mar-19 09:40:33

I can't imagine why Lucky grin

Lily65 Sun 10-Mar-19 09:59:18

I think they become shepherds or shepheressessesss?

Anniebach Sun 10-Mar-19 10:03:24

Welcome Africa

tanith Sun 10-Mar-19 11:01:59

I have family in Wales the younger members seem to work in caring for the disabled or one who has a small online business buying and selling car parts I believe. Maybe an online job would be the way to go if you were very rural.

merlotgran Sun 10-Mar-19 11:15:18

These people seem pretty successful and nothing to do with sheep!

1inamillion Sun 10-Mar-19 11:32:07

I saw this company featured on BBC Wales news Merlotgran.
Why don't you google ' local Welsh councils rural start ups'
I did and there are ideas and help on there Africa.
Good luck and welcome.

1inamillion Sun 10-Mar-19 11:33:42

I just ask mr Google dull questions but it's surprising how much info I get 🤔😉

NotSpaghetti Sun 10-Mar-19 11:51:29

I love rural Wales. Good luck Africa!

Panache Sun 10-Mar-19 12:13:02

Welcome Africa ........I have been born and bred in rural Wales.
Judging by the mass migration of those Londoners (and surrounding areas) to our area this past year ,people are putting peace,tranquillity,low crime rates,and unsurpassed beauty first in order to live a better lifestyle...........that surely speaks for itself.
Do try it for yourself.

Africa Sun 10-Mar-19 12:23:40

Thank you so much.
No not an article and definitely for me and my menagerie of animals.
I hope it’s not a dull question: I was just looking for inspiration and reassurance!

Anniebach Sun 10-Mar-19 12:32:15

Africa do you want to continue in your present occupation or start a new venture ?

Africa Sun 10-Mar-19 12:36:00

I think it would need to be a new venture. I’ve worked in large international organisations and run small businesses. So I guess a small business to manage and develop or set up one of my own.

FountainPen Sun 10-Mar-19 12:39:19

What is it that you do, Africa? Are you hoping to be able to continue your current profession after you move or wanting to try something new? Do you have a hobby or leisure pursuit that could be turned into a business that could be run from anywhere? Would a rural location provide you what you want in terms of cultural activities? It can be about more than work.

Riverwalk Sun 10-Mar-19 12:39:37

Farming? I buy Rachel's organic butter, yoghurt & milk - I think they were the first organic farm in Wales.

jusnoneed Sun 10-Mar-19 14:35:35

A friend and her hubby had a chance to take over a small business (he'd worked for them a number of years) roasting coffee and supplying cafe machines. They decided to take the chance and upped sticks, two children included, and have never looked back. They expanded the business and it continues to flourish. She is also a crafter and makes glass items, including her own beads and jewellery. She was selling online and a year ago a small shop became vacant in the nearest town, two friends asked her if she was interested in going in with them selling handmade gifts etc. One left after 6 months and the others have carried on. So far they are doing well, started their own website.
She loves it over there, having moved from their original small house in town to a larger detached house in the countryside. Beaches nearby and the countryside is lovely.

Panache Sun 10-Mar-19 14:37:26

Using your menagerie of animals as a starting point how about farmin g indeed,or caring for animals such as a kennels/cattery or a grooming business?
Whilst as a gfeat holiday destination you could utilise this for part time animal caring?
Perhaps seeking a vetinary position of some kind?
There are so mzny opportunities with helpful initiatives to get you started if you are seriously considering this.