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How to get Gransnet on iphone

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Jomarie Sun 10-Mar-19 18:02:35

Great post - thanks - I will try this too as have been wondering how to do it!!!

Deedi Sun 10-Mar-19 16:08:24

Hooray and thank you for advising me I can now access Gransnet on my phone. (not going to admit how much time I’d spent trying to sort it before posting.....confused)

Joelsnan Sun 10-Mar-19 15:11:15

I would suggest you open the internet browser (the compass), in the address bar at the top type in Gransnet and enter. It will do a google search.
Click on and it will open. Once on the site you can add it to favourites or if you visit the site often enough it will automatically add it to your internet browser front page.

Others may have easier solutions. Good luck.

Deedi Sun 10-Mar-19 14:32:06

Hello any Gransnetters who can advise please? Ive just got an iphone which has replaced an android smartphone. With the android phone I could access Gransnet in my emails. I still get Gransnet emails/notifications on this iphone but when I click on the email (to read the content) I get a `not downloading - try again'. I am able to click on any email from other senders and read the content so I'm at a loss what to do. I would really appreciate any advice. ( I have use the laptop to access Gransnetters.) Apologise in advance if it's something obvious....... !