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Can't seem to work my way round site

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lmm6 Sat 30-Mar-19 20:20:11

Firstly I struggle to start a new discussion. Where do I find it? (Obviously I've found it this time but normally I can't seem to).
Secondly, when I type in a message it seems to disappear. Then when I next look at the thread I've messaged, I'm not on there.
Then when I ask to follow a thread it doesn't work.
What on earth am I doing wrong?

EllaKeat Sat 30-Mar-19 20:48:39

Just wanted to let you know that I can see you😁

As for the rest, when I reply to a message, i usually have to click twice. Once does nothing , i think it is GN way of making you think twice!
You can obviously post no problem, but what is the problem you are having with following a post?

Vonners Sun 31-Mar-19 02:31:33

Under the heading 'Gransnet forums' you will see 'Active' and then 'I'm on'. If you click on I'm on it brings up the posts you've recently commented on.

BlueBelle Sun 31-Mar-19 04:38:04

Are you on mobile or desktop site right at the very very bottom of the page in small letters in the centre it will tell you First make sure you are on the site corresponding to what you are using Phone iPad tablet etc ‘mobile’
laptop computer ‘desktop’
Mobile site
To start a new discussion
Go into forums choose which one you want to write into let’s say ‘Chat’ click on that and under Chat you will see a yellow box with ‘Start new discussion’ click that and off you go
To type a message
Type in your message in message box provided then click brown box ‘post message’
I’ve never had to press twice
I don’t quite understand the ‘following’ question

ninathenana Sun 31-Mar-19 10:14:21

Bluebelle I always use the mobile site but when I click "Chat" for instance I don't see a yellow box confused I have a banner across the bottom of the page in red one of the options is "add new thread" with a +sign (or similar)
Also the very bottom of the page it just says mobile site or desk top site.
I use an Android phone, it would seem all devices differ. Making it hard to explain to a newbie smile

BlueBelle Mon 01-Apr-19 06:21:09

Sounds quite different Nina I quess you need someone on an android phone to help you
Do you have a list at the top mine is a red strip which starts off .....Foruns, then Grandparents, then Local, Books, Competitions etc etc
If so click on forums you should then get all the different sub titles of the different forums come up if you then choose your forum we ll say ‘chat’ click on it and that when you should see the yellow box to start a new discussion
If that doesn’t happen I can’t help

lmm6 Mon 01-Apr-19 09:43:28

Thank you everyone. Later on when I'm quiet, I'll have a good look at everything you've advised.

BlueBelle Mon 01-Apr-19 09:54:39

Imm6 first thing to do is check what your appliance is laptop, iPad, iPhone ot android and make sure you are on the relevant site desktop or mobile

SarahGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 01-Apr-19 10:15:19

Hi lmm6, welcome to Gransnet! If you haven't done so already, its worth having a read of our guide to Getting Started. As you can tell, your fellow gransnetters will be happy to help with any queries too but you can also reach us by emailing [email protected]

ninathenana Mon 01-Apr-19 12:41:05

Bluebelle no I don't have it at the top of the page. Only when I go to desktop. My red strip is at the bottom of the page.
I don't need help thank you. I can't type that without it sounding sarcastic, it certainly isn't meant to be. Please don't take offence.
I was commenting on how different devices show a different layout.

kircubbin2000 Tue 23-Apr-19 13:33:07

It's not a very user friendly site I think.Im sure an I T person could tweak it in some way. Facebook is as bad, a group I'm in is always recommending local tradesmen but when you need one the posts have gone.

petra Tue 23-Apr-19 13:52:25

I have to disagree. Compared to some I belong to I think this is one of the easiest sites to navigate.