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acute arthritis

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Charleygirl5 Fri 12-Apr-19 17:20:19

I am not very sure what type of arthritis you have- is it osteo or rheumatoid?

blossom76 Fri 12-Apr-19 17:14:00

thank you so much CassieJ. Yes I have seen specialists, who have said nothing more can be done. However I will take on board what you have said . They will not give me injections (weak muscles) and diverticulitis to cope with. We must just keep going!!!!!

CassieJ Fri 12-Apr-19 16:44:06

My mum has severe arthritis. She is on humira [ injected 2 weekly in the stomach ] and methotrexate injections weekly. Plus a host of other meds. Though still very ill with arthritis it has given her some degree of independence and allows her to do some day to day tasks and get out of the house.

Have you seen a specialist for your arthritis? They should guide you to the right meds for your condition. Have you seen occupational health to help you with things in the house?

blossom76 Fri 12-Apr-19 16:30:37

I have suffered from the above for about 12 years now. After having 4 knee replacements (2 each knee and again when failed) I find myself discharged from hospital (cannot do anymore) and will not replace my left hip. It is now in my spine.....I am taking NAPROXIN AND OXYCODEINE which help a little. Is the weather to blame I wonder???? anybody out there on better meds. I am housebound so rely on family for a lot of support,they are wonderful. I need to overcome this feeling of complete heplessness. Tips please. any advice will be gratefully received. thanks a lot hmm