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evianers Sat 13-Apr-19 11:08:13

As some might know, we are contemplating relocating back to the UK after 44 years absence.....only thinking about it!
Can someone in the know please inform us whether built-in kitchen appliances, curtain rails, build-in cupboards, light fittings etc. have to be left by the vendor of the house, or can these things still be taken out [leaving holes in the walls] as was previously the case. E.g. before we left in 1975, we were once threatened with removal of all the fitted carpets if we did not meet the vendor's expectations of what these were worth. Hopefully everything will have changed for the better. Thank you for all sensible replies.

Chewbacca Sat 13-Apr-19 11:18:41

Hello, I'm just going through the house moving situation now.

The solicitor will send the vendor a document to fill in, detailing everything, from curtain poles to light fittings and wardrobes etc and they will be asked to tick to confirm whether they are removing them or whether they're leaving them. This even includes plants in the garden, fuel stores and any removable outbuildings such as greenhouses or sheds. Once that's been completed and returned to the solicitor, and you've read it and agree with it; it's a done deal.

My vendor is taking some of the fitted wardrobes thank goodness but is leaving others and that was agreed both verbally and in the contract. Same for fitted white goods in the kitchen.

Pagzy Sat 13-Apr-19 11:21:32

From my experience of selling my late Mother's flat there are detailed documents the seller has to fill in which state everything included in the sale room by room. So this should avoid any disputes about carpets etc.
Googled these they are TQ10 fittings and contents form and TA6 Property information form. So I would say things have improved

Nonnie Sat 13-Apr-19 11:36:10

Agree with both the above. Law Society forms are very detailed, you even have to say if you are taking the light switches!

Chucky Sat 13-Apr-19 12:36:32

Yes, the property details will tell you if integrated appliances, curtains etc. will be left by seller.
As an aside, please think very carefully before deciding whether or not to return to the U.K. The country has changed considerably in the last 44 years and not everything for the good!

HildaW Sat 13-Apr-19 13:05:44

As others have stated when selling a house nowadays you have to complete a very detailed form stating quite clearly what is included. To be honest in a sellers market you can be quite insistent as to what will remain...I'm at the stage where I'm mentally offering a kidney to make sure contracts are signed!!

HildaW Sat 13-Apr-19 13:07:00

oops meant it very much a 'buyers' market.....shows how deranged I am by it all.

paddyann Sat 13-Apr-19 15:59:00

"normally" carpets curtains light fittings,kitchen and bathroom cabinets ,fitted wardrobes white goods are all left...where I am.We're also leaving our american style fridge freezer and the bedroom furniture in the smallest bedroom ,and anything else they particularly ask for.We sold a flat a couple of years ago and the couple wanted us to leave everything so we did.Only thing I was sorry to lose was a brass and copper candle holder that held 18 t-lights and had been a gift many years ago.We also left beds and bedding where it matched the decor .Its very much a personal thing I think.Hilda I'm with you I'lll leave anything that makes their purchase easier although my OH draws the line at his whisky collection

Floradora9 Sat 13-Apr-19 16:17:04

We moved into a house with a tiny baby to find every light bulb gone along with the fitted heater in the bathroom the toilet roll holder etc. We were too young to complain but I sure would now. Make a clause in your offer listing the things you want them to leave even plants in the garden .

evianers Sat 13-Apr-19 19:36:50

Thank you ladies, and particularly to you Chucky. We like to think we know what we are doing, but there is none so vulnerable as the newly arrived, even if it is their own country. We view the BBC news every evening and are often appalled by what is going on in the UK, however certain parts of France are no bed of roses either = we are exceptionally fortunate to live in this wonderful SE corner.
But..... growing old and infirm in a foreign language with no support from family is what will finally determine whether we return or not. Believe me, it is an unenviable decision to have to make.

callgirl1 Sat 13-Apr-19 21:03:35

I remember, around 1970, the people opposite us sold their house and left, when the new owners arrived, they had to go out shopping immediately, the sink unit and all kitchen units were gone, even the lino on the kitchen floor!

Callistemon Sat 13-Apr-19 21:14:33

We moved into a house many years ago and they had even taken the ceiling roses and dug up all the plants and bulbs from the garden!

I don't think that would happen now.

lemongrove Sat 13-Apr-19 21:29:59

evianers..... don’t take any negative comments on here about the UK as Gospel.Or the media generally.
People are people wherever you live, the pleasant and the not so pleasant.The UK is still a lovely country to live in.
As others say, there will be a list that you see detailing all that will be left.In France people take their entire kitchens with them, but not here.

Callistemon Sat 13-Apr-19 21:32:53

We view the BBC news every evening and are often appalled by what is going on in the UK
We're not all moaning and marching, although most of us are fed up with Brexit, we are still managing to live our lives, live life as normal!

Callistemon Sat 13-Apr-19 21:34:57

Actually, we look at what is happening in France, and are equally appalled, so it's just a case of the BBC finding the most sensational stories.
They rarely report good news, do they, or the mundane minutiae of most peoples' lives.