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Pre-loved baby clothes

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jeanniehs Wed 08-May-19 15:31:05

I'd like to buy some beautiful pre-loved baby clothes for a new grandson who will be arriving in September. I know I can buy Baby Boden on ebay but wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I'd like to buy good quality cotton (organic if poss) and pure wool clothes. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.x

Missfoodlove Wed 08-May-19 17:49:50

There are a number of eBay sellers who recycle wool and knit lovely jumpers etc.
NCT and other organisations often have table top sales.
Also Facebook

Mamissimo Wed 08-May-19 18:00:55

I buy Mim lots of clothes on eBay. If you search for Organic cotton baby clothes and then pick auction in the filters section you will find plenty of choice. My DD ruled no wool because she needs everything easy wash but I did find organic cotton jersey clothing.

For good quality clothes the go to brands are Jojo Maman, Autograph from M &S and Petit Bateaux do the softest baby clothes.