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Does anyone know the name of this Butterfly or Moth Please?

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rascal Wed 29-May-19 16:38:35

We saw this Butterfly or is it a Moth while we were walking beside woodland. We have never seen it before. I have searched my books and on the Internet but can't find it. Is it a rare species or a new discovery! Thank you for any help.

harrigran Wed 29-May-19 16:46:18

Looks like yellow pseudopanthera macularia.

MiniMoon Wed 29-May-19 16:48:33

It looks like a speckled yellow moth. It's a day flying moth about in spring time.

rascal Wed 29-May-19 17:26:09

Oh right thank you much appreciated. I'll look it up now. thanks

EllanVannin Wed 29-May-19 17:50:19

Tiger moth ?

phoenix Wed 29-May-19 17:55:03


phoenix Wed 29-May-19 17:56:36

On a more serious note, I think it is only butterflies that can do that with their wings, so chances are it's not a moth.

annodomini Wed 29-May-19 18:06:58

Other way round, phoenix, butterflies come to rest with wings folded; moths rest with them open. This must be a moth.

Greenfinch Wed 29-May-19 18:20:40

I think it looks more like a moth than a butterfly.

shysal Wed 29-May-19 18:27:34

Is it a marbled white butterfly? Very common in my area these days, but I never saw one as a child.

shysal Wed 29-May-19 18:33:06

rascal Wed 29-May-19 21:25:49

Thank you all. smile