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Who's in charge of the Tory Party?

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Riverwalk Fri 07-Jun-19 10:28:18

Theresa May steps down today as their leader - so who is technically in charge for the next couple of months?

Interesting times.

Meg54 Fri 07-Jun-19 10:29:08

That would be Mr Trump.

Riverwalk Fri 07-Jun-19 10:34:03

With a friend like Trump the Tories don't need enemies!

Whitewavemark2 Fri 07-Jun-19 10:38:03

No one has been in charge except the odd faction or two for years.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 07-Jun-19 10:39:01

You might get the odd spokesperson or two standing up spouting the usual rot, but most of the Tory party will disagree with him/her

Ginny42 Fri 07-Jun-19 10:42:23

Well in the case of a national emergency who IS in charge?

glammanana Fri 07-Jun-19 10:48:57

She will no longer be Party Leader but will continue with her duties as Prime Minister until her successor is chosen,she is still PM until she takes herself off to visit HM The Queen to formally resign her position as PM.

Riverwalk Fri 07-Jun-19 10:49:53

May is still PM - all a bit odd isn't it.

The leader of the majority party becomes PM but when they have no leader, she is still PM!

B9exchange Fri 07-Jun-19 11:30:42

She stays as Prime Minister, just not leader of the conservative party, until another leader has been elected.

Searching for any updates, sadly I came across this, just posted on the Daily Express website. I take anything by the Express with an extreme pinch of salt, but this came up first

"THERESA May could delay her resignation as Prime Minister until she is confident her replacement as Tory leader can command confidence of the House of Commons, it has emerged."

It goes on to say that if she doesn't like the elected next leader, she will refuse to resign. Surely that would sink the party, if nothing else?

It seems she is completely immoveable!

paddyann Fri 07-Jun-19 14:05:18

We really really need a general election ,lets get the tories gone.. now