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SunnySusie Sun 16-Jun-19 16:49:48

I am completely stumped about what to buy for a birthday pressie. It is for a 67 year old chap whose wife - my close friend - passed away about fifteen months ago. He is not in a good place, and I have been ringing him regularly and inviting him to visit us every now and again. He bought both of us birthday pressies (wine and a plant) and I would really like to reciprocate. Any help or ideas gratefully received. He doesnt drink or smoke and is very frugal with his food. He doesnt like gagets, doesnt own even a mobile (by choice), has just sold their house to seriously downsize, removing tons of 'junk' and saying he is so relieved to see it gone. He is moving to an apartment. He doesnt like going on 'experiences' on his own. I cant for the life of me think of a single thing to buy! Can anyone help?

Septimia Sun 16-Jun-19 17:03:22

How about taking him out, to somewhere with gardens or of historic interest and include tea? That way he doesn't have to have the experience on his own.

notnecessarilywiser Sun 16-Jun-19 17:05:58

If he has a balcony or patio at the new apartment, what about a planted up pot to brighten it up? Failing which, a window box?

A Sunday lunch out with you and your DH?

If he's moving to a new area, one of those "History of X" books that contains old photos as well as information about how the area developed?

TwiceAsNice Sun 16-Jun-19 17:41:17

Does he like books in general? Or a CD? Or voucher of some kind

mumofmadboys Sun 16-Jun-19 18:09:16

A simple cookery book.
Agree with idea of taking him out for a meal

Nellie098 Sun 16-Jun-19 18:31:56

Depending on hobbies and how much you want to spend, how about a magazine subscription. You only have to visit a local newsagent to see the array of choice.

Perhaps a subscription to Saga magazine?

Coolgran65 Sun 16-Jun-19 19:35:10

I would agree to going out for lunch.
If there was a restaurant with a pleasant walk nearby it would be nice to 'walk off' lunch with a gentle stroll. Better than all bundling into the car and straight home.

SunnySusie Mon 17-Jun-19 12:03:08

Thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated. All good ideas and I will ponder. I like the idea of taking him for a meal, he lives three hours drive away and I dont think he could cope with us staying, but we might be able to think of a way. His daughter gave him a Costas card loaded up with credit which I thought was brilliant.