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Porcelain figurines.

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MiniMoon Fri 05-Jul-19 13:55:44

I wonder if anyone can help me? I've looked online at porcelain marks sites, but can't find anything that matches. I don't mind at all if they are copies as I really like them, but I've wondered about our monkey band often over the years. Here are photos.

EllanVannin Fri 05-Jul-19 15:06:52

It could be German, Volkstedt ?

annsixty Fri 05-Jul-19 15:19:31

As a little sidebar to this thread, last Friday a local auctioneer and valuer held an open day for charity when anyone could take things to be valued for a donation to charity.
A friend took 3 Coalport figures which her parents had paid very good money for.
He told her they weren’t even worth a fiver as they are so out of fashion.
She also took an old watch strap and a pair of earrings and he gave her £100 on the spot for them.
Apparently the price of gold has rocketed.

Callistemon Fri 05-Jul-19 15:37:57

Ooh! I have several odd earrings (the others got lost) - perhaps I should see what I can get for them.

I'm sorry, I can't help you with the porcelain mark, minimoon.

kittylester Fri 05-Jul-19 15:48:53

The price of gold has risen because dh sold!!

I'm off to rifle through my jewellery box!

I'm sorry I cant help either.

J52 Fri 05-Jul-19 16:47:06

It looks like a Dresden mark, there were several over the years, but also many fakes,
The swirly pattern at the base is also a feature of Dresden, but again easily faked.

Deedaa Fri 05-Jul-19 18:11:37

Can't help you with the mark but the monkey looks continental to me.

chloe1984 Fri 05-Jul-19 20:27:42

Figurines very similar to these were featured on bargain hunt today may be worth while to catch up with the item on I player.( BBC 1)

MiniMoon Fri 05-Jul-19 21:02:07

I watched bargain hunt and that's what set me off wondering about the monkey band.