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Autumnleaves Mon 29-Jul-19 17:21:04

Hi, although I have commented on here before, this is my first time asking for advice. In the last 12 months I have noticed that when I come to unload my dishwasher there is an offensive smell, (wet dog no offence to wet dogs).I rinse my items before putting them in the dishwasher. I bought cleaners that were supposed to clean the machine and the smell is still there, any suggestions please?

fizzers Mon 29-Jul-19 17:42:53

sounds like food particles have collected in the filter/trap, look at yourinstructions for removing and cleaning the filter. If you can't find the instructions then Google the make and model for the handbook or how to clean the filter

FlexibleFriend Mon 29-Jul-19 17:44:40

I've never had a nasty niff coming from the dishwasher but have you cleaned out the filter?

Nortsat46 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:51:58

We sometimes have food particles visible at the end of the cycle and have to repeat the cycle.

Sometimes, we have an additional little helper, whose quality assurance investigations require the cycle to be repeated...

Autumnleaves Mon 29-Jul-19 17:53:35

Thanks for your replies. Although I have previously cleaned out the filters, I shall root out the manuel and see if I'm missing something.