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Pippapips Mon 09-Sep-19 11:37:51

We have our house on the market and are seriously thinking of moving to Cyprus any advice would be welcome does anyone know of people or family that have done it obviously the pull to stay here is family and 8 wonderful grandchildren
Help !!!

EllanVannin Mon 09-Sep-19 11:56:34

Do you have the wherewithal ( finances etc ) to rent somewhere in Cyprus and also rent your house out for the time being ?
One of my friend's moved to Cyprus a few years back when her husband was alive. They rented out their house here and were able to purchase an apartment in Cyprus with the rent from their home in the UK funding the mortgage. It worked well as her husband got a job to keep things ticking over.
They were there for quite a while and me and other friends holidayed there in a private villa between us.

I realised that our friend's worse time came when it was time for us to return home and she was in pieces at the airport. However, it wasn't that long after that they made arrangements to return to the UK because our friend missed family and friends so much and because of that couldn't settle.
Sadly she lost her husband a couple of years later but was so glad she still had her home here.

SalsaQueen Mon 09-Sep-19 12:48:47

I've only been there on holiday (Paphos) and loved it, but I spoke to a retired couple recently who has just returned back to England, after living in Cyprus for 12 years. They said the reason they've come back is that the health service in Cyprus is terrible. (Just saying, that's what they reckon)

KatyK Mon 09-Sep-19 13:11:05

We know a young family who moved to Cyprus. They came back after a short time. They didn't do their research. They said they didn't realise it would be a totally different culture.

Pippa000 Mon 09-Sep-19 13:29:23

I moved back from Cyprus after my husbands sudden death last year and I am trying to sell my house there. We lived there for 10 years. My advice is to rent don't buy. Do have a place in UK where you can return to should you need to.
As previously said the National health service ( GESY) is very new and having teething problems, although most expats I know use the private hospitals which are expensive. Nursing and support staff do not necessarily speak English. Home support ie district nursing, Marie Curie, home help etc is non existent unless you pay privately for it. Please also check to see what financial support you will be able to receive once you leave UK. This may well change with Brexit. You will have to register within three months and have proof that you can support your self and not be dependent on the state ( there is no state support unless you have paid into the system)

You did not say which part of Cyprus you were thinking of. The North is Turkish controlled, the South is Greek Cypriot, although it is an independent country. We were in the South. Most Greek Cypriots speak English and the signs are in Roman Script as well as Greek. Shopping is just like UK, except most of the fruit and veg is seasonal. The Alpha Mega stores have a contract with Tesco and stock some of their dried and tinned and small selection of their frozen foods. Lidl is very popular but not the range of foods as you get here, very Cypriot.

We found the Greek Cypriots very friendly and helpful although they do have love of paperwork and rubber stamps! Very little official documents are computerised and post from UK can take up to 8 weeks. any thing ordered from UK, ie from Amazon is only delivered to your address if you live within the towns, otherwise you have to go to the office.

We had a lovely 10 years, but did notice a change but then everything changes. Am I pleased to be home, yes very pleased.

Pippa000 Mon 09-Sep-19 13:31:54

Just to add to KatyK, Cyprus is not UK in the sun, it is more Arab than Mediterranean in outlook, no matter what the Cypriots say. Forgot to say the weather can by over 40 degrees in summer and we used to get snow in Winter. ( we were in the mountains)

Pippapips Sun 15-Sep-19 09:56:47

Thanks everyone

Pippapips Sun 15-Sep-19 10:25:20

Still unsure about a move to Cyprus we live in Bedfordshire so are looking to down size and be mortgage free another area we are looking is Lincolnshire maybe Louth or Market Rasen area any one live in the area and could advise please

Sparklefizz Sun 15-Sep-19 12:26:59

I agree with everything Pippa00 has said above. I was married to a Greek Cypriot and used to know Cyprus very well. He always said he preferred living in the UK as you could rely on things being done.

Be careful about buying over there - my husband's sister came badly unstuck despite being Greek Cypriot as there is no Land Registry - after 30 years it turned out she did not own her flat after all due to complicated and worrying paperwork. She lost everything. Better to rent.

It is extremely hot in summer - even the Greeks tend to stay indoors in the afternoons - and there can be snow in winter. There was a branch of Dalmarts thermal underwear shop in Nicosia.

The eastern side of Cyprus around Aiya Napa is the party side. The western side outside of Paphos is nicer, although it's been several years since I was there so things may have changed.

The people are friendly but don't always stick to the rules, which we are more used to doing over here in the UK - eg. deliberately drive the wrong way up one-way streets, close a shop early for personal reasons, etc etc. OK, more relaxed but annoying when you badly need something urgent at the chemist's!

Personally I think it's nice to visit but agree with my Greek ex husband's opinion that I wouldn't want to live there.