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Guineagirl Tue 24-Sep-19 11:11:41

We have them again in the roof. We live in a bungalow semi detached. We have fine mesh on vents since we moved here ten years ago and husband put them also on hers next door. I was on here six months discussing pigeons on the roof and the vermin in our roof which was attracted by the seed and the pigeon mess. Noises up there again, I hate it here. She got told next door to stop feeding so much seed by the environmental heath but she still puts bread out. Sorry need a moan as we don’t know where they get in the roof seems ok, can there be gaps on the attic adjoining wall, any husbands on here do they know?

glammanana Tue 24-Sep-19 11:21:17

Guineagirl It does sound as though they are getting through the ajoining wall in the attic you really need someone to get up there and investigate.
Get back in touch with EH and tell them your neighbour is continuing to put out bread,I had a neighbour who did this once she threw bread out of her downstairs window and it was always when I had washing on my line which got covered in bird muck,I was none to pleased I can tell you.

Guineagirl Tue 24-Sep-19 11:56:21

Yes this is what I’m worried about, thanks for replying. Since we had to deal with the issue half the elderly street don’t speak to us now so it has been awful. I rang a very good pest controller but he’s busy till next week. Husband came home an hour ago from work and set traps again. There were two very decayed ones in traps so he re set traps, no holes in eaves he looked last night. I wonder how good party walls are up there I’ve googled and some have gaps it’s a 70s bungalow breeze blocks up there.

whywhywhy Tue 24-Sep-19 12:07:47

I think the problem lies with your neighbour putting out food which is attracting vermin. I used to live next door to someone like that until I got a couple of cats.

Namsnanny Tue 24-Sep-19 13:34:56

Tell her bread is bad for birds (it is)!
Get her a bag of sunflower hearts and a bird feeder.
Give her this freeby with a smile and if poss a leaflet (pet shop) explaining the benefits of feeding from proper hanging feeder.
All with a smile of course!

Or get cats (although those I know are lazy blighters)

Or put poison down regularly.

Jane10 Tue 24-Sep-19 15:07:06

Get a cat!

Guineagirl Tue 24-Sep-19 15:10:31

Interestingly a cat I haven’t seen before was rolling at the corner of the garden it had killed four baby rats so he or she is a very good mouser, My Mams late cat was a terrible mouser played but let them go he never seemed to kill them Mam had them but little field mice. I’ll keep you updated when we re check traps tomorrow.

Jane10 Tue 24-Sep-19 16:11:47

Somehow just having a cat about seems to deter mice.

MiniMoon Tue 24-Sep-19 16:20:45

The people over the road moved away and took their cat with them.
Since he's been gone we've seen mice, and a very cheeky rat in our garden.
We had mice in the roof of a previous house. We got Rentokil in to deal with them. Apparently that year there was a mouse population explosion!

Davidhs Tue 24-Sep-19 17:47:25

We had one of those ultrasonic devices to keep mice out of our loft, seemed to work and never bothered the dog either.
During that time we didn’t have spider problems either.