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Purplepeony Tue 22-Oct-19 20:42:56

Hi and hello I am new to this.
Is there a forum that recommends skin care products please

agnurse Tue 22-Oct-19 20:51:32

You might try looking in Health or Style & Beauty. If you can't find anything there, you might consider starting your own thread here or on Other Subjects.

Purplepeony Tue 22-Oct-19 20:55:50

How would I start my own thread please?

agnurse Wed 23-Oct-19 17:59:07

By starting a new thread, I mean creating a new post, just as you did when you created this post. You may find that you get more responses by putting something in Health or Style & Beauty. You may be able to ask GNHQ to move this thread to one of those forums if you like.