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What colour tights ....?

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Nansnet Wed 04-Dec-19 07:38:44

I'm going to a wedding this month ... first time to a winter wedding. My dress is a kind of sea-green colour with a very dark navy/blackish print on it. I've gone for very dark navy shoes/bag, which was lovely when I tried it all on together, with my bare legs, in the warm climate where I live ... but the wedding is in the UK! And now I'm thinking it's going to be way too cold with bare legs, but I can't imagine that any colour tights are going to look good with my dress and navy shoes?! Other than changing all of my accessories, what do you suggest? I'm thinking I'll just have to put some fake tan on my legs and suffer the cold!shock

Riverwalk Wed 04-Dec-19 08:02:43

I find nearly-black or pewter tights are very versatile and go with any colour shoe/outfit - but they need to be good quality and sleek looking.

You must wear tights for the wedding!


Pantglas2 Wed 04-Dec-19 08:17:16

Navy to match the shoes or nude?

Newquay Wed 04-Dec-19 08:40:19

You really must wear tights
IMHO. Bare legs not a good look at a formal do!

MawB Wed 04-Dec-19 08:45:39

Very very sheer navy tights/hold ups or nude.
Bare legs in winter are not a good look and not suitable for a formal do.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 04-Dec-19 08:46:50

Navy tights will ring the whole outfit together 👍🏻

Nico97 Wed 04-Dec-19 08:48:00

If it all looked good with bare tanned legs then go for very sheer tan coloured tights thereby giving you a finished look all round.

EllanVannin Wed 04-Dec-19 08:49:19

Yes, navy tights but not the dark thick type.

Hetty58 Wed 04-Dec-19 08:49:39

You will freeze! Thermal tights - or a trouser suit!

Teetime Wed 04-Dec-19 08:51:25

I'd go navy tights or nearly black but very sheer.

mumofmadboys Wed 04-Dec-19 08:51:50

Definitely tights for warmth and a smarter look. I agree navy or nude.

harrigran Wed 04-Dec-19 08:53:03

I think nude tights would look right.
I once saw a MOB at a winter wedding who was wearing the most beautiful outfit but she was not wearing tights and ner legs were mottled with the cold, what a shame.

Grammaretto Wed 04-Dec-19 09:00:09

I agree nude or if you want a tanned look, then tan tights (subtle though, not like you've been in the tanning booth)
Not navy IMO as the outfit would look too dark, Think navy shoes, navy print, navy bag.

eazybee Wed 04-Dec-19 09:12:00

Dark navy tights that exactly match your shoes, or sheer flesh colour. Not bare legs.

Hetty58 Wed 04-Dec-19 09:49:57

Bare legs with goosebumps is so not a good look!

Como2020 Wed 04-Dec-19 09:56:54

Navy tights are over-kill for the outfit you describe. Go with sheer nude with a slight shimmer.

Calendargirl Wed 04-Dec-19 10:14:53

Think people look silly in the depths of winter with bare legs, especially at a wedding. Tanned bare legs look great in the summer, but definitely tights this time of year. Try both navy or nude to decide which looks better.

Elegran Wed 04-Dec-19 10:22:07

Wear sheer tan tights and add a pair of those little footies that don't show above your shoes - an extra layer for warmth without looking as though you are about to start shovelling snow.

Nansnet Wed 04-Dec-19 10:26:34

Thanks ladies, tights it is then! Where's the best place to buy good quality sheer tights in the UK?

Riverwalk Wed 04-Dec-19 10:31:35

Have a look at the link I posted - so many to choose from.

Grammaretto Wed 04-Dec-19 13:48:27
I was told about this site on gransnet and the tights are really well fitting, they don't ride down.
Lots of colours to choose from too.
Enjoy your winter wedding!