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Any ideas?

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Daisymae Thu 12-Dec-19 12:22:34

Have been invaded by numerous little bugs. Smaller than a grain of rice. Something must have hatched! Any ideas? We do live in the country.

Squiffy Thu 12-Dec-19 12:42:33

It looks like a small tick shock Once it's drunk blood it will look as though it's inflated. Beware of getting bitten, as they carry Lyme disease. Sorry to be the harbinger of doom!

There's a specific way of removing them from your body if you find one attached to you or anyone else. If not done properly, their mouth part stays in the wound.

Yorksherlass Thu 12-Dec-19 13:15:20

My dog used get ticks on his nose ,( ugh horrible things even our vet shudders at the thought of them ) this doesn’t look like the ones he had but maybe they vary in species. Have you had a look on line for info ?

Hetty58 Thu 12-Dec-19 13:16:51

Fruit flies?

MiniMoon Thu 12-Dec-19 13:27:59

That looks like a flour beetle to me although the photo is a bit blurred.
I would check your store cupboard, and look in your flour bags or containers.
If that's what they are, throw out infected food (they live in flour, grains and porridge oats) and give the cupboard a good clean before restocking.

MiniMoon Thu 12-Dec-19 13:31:55 Does it look like this?

Daisymae Thu 12-Dec-19 14:59:19

Thanks for the responses. Def not ticks. I am thi maybe the flour bug. Going to look now. Have lots of flour for the bread maker. And Brexit!

Daisymae Thu 12-Dec-19 15:03:09

Having looked again not the flour beetle. Has a snout like a weevil? The flour all looks ok. Just evicted one more. Sorry about the photo, best I could do. Ugh!

Patsy70 Thu 12-Dec-19 15:16:11

Have you got any house plants, Daisymae, or maybe a real Christmas tree?

Daisymae Thu 12-Dec-19 15:39:14

Hi, I have a pointsetta, but most of these bugs are in the kitchen. Some in the hall. I have just chucked out 5! Can't see any more at the moment but I don't know where they are coming from.

MiniMoon Thu 12-Dec-19 16:07:31

Maybe a grain weevil?
Compare this picture.

MiniMoon Thu 12-Dec-19 16:08:43

Oops, it's not sheep.

That isn't the picture I thought I copied!

MiniMoon Thu 12-Dec-19 16:11:53

Try these.

agnurse Thu 12-Dec-19 16:32:15


One point - not all ticks carry Lyme disease, although it is absolutely a tick-borne illness. It's only carried by certain specific species of ticks. However, it is certainly possible to contract other blood-borne diseases from ticks, such as tick paralysis.

BlueBelle Thu 12-Dec-19 16:38:31

Fruit fly maybe ??

Daisymae Thu 12-Dec-19 17:38:48

I have found the source. Birds seed. Stored in specific container in the kitchen. It's alive with them. Currently outside the back door. Thanks for all the responses

midgey Thu 12-Dec-19 17:57:43

Well at least the birds will enjoy the bugs too!

Daisymae Thu 12-Dec-19 18:39:23

My DH thinks I should throw it away. There's quite a bit in there. Do you think its OK to give it to them?

wildswan16 Thu 12-Dec-19 18:47:13

So long as the bird seed is from the UK then I think the birds will make up their own minds whether to eat it!

If it is imported I would be inclined to douse the remains with boiling water and kill them all in case the "bug" is not a native.

Auntieflo Thu 12-Dec-19 18:54:46

Glad you have found the source Daisymae.
On looking at the link from MiniMoon, your photo did look like the Saw Toothed Grain Beetle.

BradfordLass72 Thu 12-Dec-19 19:34:46

When I went to MiniMoons link, all I saw was sheep! Crafty to disguise themselves as beetles though. grin
I buy bird seed in winter too, must keep an eye on the bug situation next year.