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Nannypub Tue 21-Jan-20 12:49:12

Hi, I haven’t posted on here yet, but read and enjoy lots of the threads.
My question is this; how can I change my username?
I’ve realised that my current one is easily identifiable by someone that I’d really rather didn’t know it was me posting.
Thanks in advance for any help. I’ve tried doing it via the My Gransnet button, with no joy ☹️

grannyactivist Tue 21-Jan-20 12:53:07

Hi Nannypub, I've 'reported' your post and asked GNHQ to help. Hopefully it will prompt a quick response.

Nannypub Tue 21-Jan-20 12:53:57

Oh thanks so much! x

SarahCGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 21-Jan-20 12:54:22

Hi, Nannypub, we can sort this out for you if you email [email protected] smile

Nannypub Tue 21-Jan-20 13:03:45

Thank you! Just done it x