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London bus route

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Newquay Thu 30-Jan-20 18:14:37

Am meeting up with a friend in London to go to a matinee for our birthdays.
I’ll arrive at Euston and want to reach Aldwych/Strand.
Online it seems to keep giving me different bus numbers-anyone know or know where I can find out?
It looks like it’s only a 30 minute walk but don’t want to be wandering round mob in hand!

Callistemon Thu 30-Jan-20 18:23:42

What about taking a taxi?

Ellianne Thu 30-Jan-20 18:28:30

Or the tube? Its really quick from Euston to Charing Cross on the Northern line and the entrance to the tube is just at the front of the station. You don't go outside, just down the escalator.

Grannyben Thu 30-Jan-20 18:35:45

As you come out of Euston, if you cross over the road into Woburn Place, you can get the number 91 which goes to Aldwych

Eglantine21 Thu 30-Jan-20 18:52:00

Just come out of Euston and walk straight down the road, the road opposite, Upper Woburn Place. Keep going to the end (it changes its name as it goes but it’s the same straight road) and at the end is Alwych curving to your left and right.

Honestly it’s that easy. 20 minutes max walking about 30 sitting in traffic on the bus😬

Charleygirl5 Thu 30-Jan-20 19:17:50

Do not take a taxi unless you have enough dosh to pay the mortgage! It is very expensive nowadays, especially in slow London traffic.

Callistemon Thu 30-Jan-20 19:46:25

Oh, sorry for the taxi advice then.
The last time but one I was in London I needed to get from Euston to a meeting in double-quick time so took a taxi; it wasn't that expensive and he managed to get me there in time.

M0nica Thu 30-Jan-20 20:06:05

I must confess I am a London walker. I have a deep distrust of buses (apart from getting travel sick on them). Many of them are very infrequent or only run part of the route.

Some years ago I had to get from Waterloo to Islington once a week. There was a bus that covered the route. In three years I never saw one bus with that number on it. There was another covered most of the route. I saw that, and occasionally caught it about once a month, one way only. Mainly I walked.

I would either walk, it is as easy as Eglantine describes or catch the tube. Just make sure you have google maps on your phone or a phtocopy thereof.

GrandmaMoira Thu 30-Jan-20 21:45:45

I would think that quite a long distance to walk. I find the 91 or the 188 to be quite frequent and fast when I travel from Russell Square.
Monica - I always find the buses in central London very frequent and not too busy. In the London suburbs buses are often infrequet and overcrowded.

HettyMaud Thu 30-Jan-20 21:51:23

Uber taxi. Best thing ever. Cheap and efficient in my opinion. Just download the app.

MawB Thu 30-Jan-20 22:36:51

Doesn’t the 168 go down the Strand before it crosses Waterloo Bridge? We used to get it going the other way to Hampstead and the Royal Free but I have more recently got it to the National Theatre.
The stop is outside the front of Euston (on the same side) and goes on to Kennington or somewhere like that.

Keeper1 Thu 30-Jan-20 22:41:40

I know lots of people use Uber but be careful they are not regulated the way registered taxis, mini cabs and private hire vehicles are. You may find in the event of an accident they do not have the relevant insurance. I also thought Uber had been stopped in London due to assaults by their drivers on passengers?

MawB Thu 30-Jan-20 22:44:40

No, Keeper they have been threatened with the withdrawal of their licence but DDs , I and and many others swear by them!

Chestnut Thu 30-Jan-20 23:12:59

This is an interactive bus map where the buses move along the route! You can zoom in. Just type the bus number in the box at the bottom left:

Newquay Thu 30-Jan-20 23:36:01

Thank you ALL so much-very helpful. I would prefer to walk (as long as it’s not pouring with rain!) so want the bus as a back up. I have a bus pass so could use that so don’t want to pay for Underground of taxi/Uber (thrifty!)
Someone suggested I print off the route so I don’t carry my mob. I vaguely know the route to Russell Square-I just don’t know from there. I get in at 11am and meeting friend in Covent Garden at noon so plenty of time.
Will check live bus map tomorrow.

MawB Fri 31-Jan-20 06:12:47

Do you have Google maps on your phone?
It suggests walking down Gower St /Bloomsbury St more or less straight to High Holborn then down Endell st. to Covent Garden and on towards the Aldwych.
27 -31 minutes, 1.3 miles

DoraMarr Fri 31-Jan-20 07:53:53

I use the Transport for London website, but I too do lots of walking in London. I don’t use the tube because I feel a bit claustrophobic, and I like to see where I am going. I do use black cabs too, and I don’t think they are much more expensive there than in other cities. Bear in mind that Uber and other hire cars cannot use bus lanes, and black cabs can, so I always use black cabs if I have to get somewhere on time. I use the Gett app to call one, or just flag one down. Have fun!

Grannynise Fri 31-Jan-20 08:41:48

Euston to the Aldwych is a straight line down a main road. It takes me 25 minutes and there are lots of things to look at on the way - blue plaques to spot, shops, cafes etc.
If it's raining come out of Euston, walk across to Upper Woburn place and get the 168, 59, 91 ,68. You won't wait more than 2 or 3 minutes.
But if you're actually going to meet your friend at Covent Garden why not walk straight there? It's not very far.

Newquay Fri 31-Jan-20 09:02:03

Thank you-feel Much happier now thanks to you all.
As I said I don’t want to walk round carrying my mobile. It’s a tough world out there!
I shall print off list of street names from google maps.
I have to make sure I start off walking down Gower Street and as you say it’s pretty much a straight road.
A bit concerned about the odd dogleg-so easy to set off in wrong direction!
The same with buses, the side of the road can make a difference!
Am SO looking forward to meeting up with dear friend.

Chestnut Fri 31-Jan-20 14:16:05

I must recommend this booklet. It is so clear and detailed, has every street clearly laid out and all the sights marked.
I wouldn't go to London without it.
The Handy London Map and Guide

Newquay Fri 31-Jan-20 14:40:25

Our DD2, a seasoned traveller, would never use a map outside as she feels it “marks you out”! I suppose that means I have to walk quickly (which fortunately I do anyway) and look
Like I know where I’m going and, also, “don’t mess with me either”!

Newquay Mon 24-Feb-20 09:05:39

Sorry, long post! Well on Saturday had my trip to London to meet up with dear friend. It was grand to see each other but we could write a book (?) about our adventure! Started when I stupidly got on the wrong (just 10 mins earlier) train which used to be Virgin so, having paid £32 for ticket, then had to stump up £69(!) on train. Meanwhile dear friend texting (which I thought she would NEVER do) to say there was a landslip on her line. Walked from Euston to Covent Garden (only briefly “got lost” once) and a postman sorted me out. Arrived at restaurant, no hot water cos machine broken so couldn’t have a coffee! Friend arrived; train had been ok and she caught bus from Victoria (cos struggling with walking at
The mo with pulled muscle). She’d asked driver if he was going to Covent Garden-he didn’t know but a lovely young couple escorted her. Lovely meal but slow service. Could only have tea after meal. Theatre nearby; security let us in to sit down. Aptly it was “Play that goes wrong”! And boy did it! Turned out many seats had been double booked so was 1/2 hour late starting! Security pointed us to bus stop for dear friend to get bus back to Victoria, again a lovely young man and his little boy escorted her. I then had to walk back to Euston. Easy peasy. Traffic was awful so really glad I (was able) to walk. Thank you all for your advice beforehand. Feel such a numpty getting on wrong train-apparently it’s a common mistake now new trains look more similar to correct train and they’re only 10 mins apart!!

Charleygirl5 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:17:32

Thanks for letting us know of your travels. It sounds as though you had a good day out even if it did cost you a bomb!

Newquay Mon 24-Feb-20 09:40:50

Yes it was a good day out-am trying not to think of cost! When we arranged it dear friend didn’t have any probs walking anywhere. Plan to take DH in September for his birthday-will make sure we get on correct train!! You all gave me the confidence to walk so many thanks-good old Gransnet!