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Moggycuddler Fri 31-Jan-20 10:36:56

Is it abnormal (or at least unusual) that at 63 I am interested in video gaming? Are any other older ladies out there doing this, sitting in their kitchen or somewhere, controller in hand, killing aliens or having adventures with Spiderman? I got into it after my 34 year old daughter let me have a bash on her console a couple of years ago. I ended up getting my own and my daughter and I swap games. My 67 year old husband isn't interested and a few people I've spoken to seem to think it's very weird at my age! I also enjoy heavy metal music, have done since my youth. Am I alone in these interests?? I think it helps keep me young at heart.

tanith Fri 31-Jan-20 12:16:00

I have a few of avid gamers in the family and DH and I used to be avid Doom fans but I sort of last interest when I was about your age Moggycuddler I found it started to make me nauseous as the graphics got better and better maybe to do with my worsening eyesight .
The boys are often off to gaming tournaments and win prizes, it’s not weird if it keeps you happy why not ignore negative comments.