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An exceptionally mundane question.

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MissAdventure Wed 18-Mar-20 17:17:52

To set the scene, I have 3 shelves in a cupboard, on which I store towels, bedding and spare pillows.

My shelves are quite small to store that many things, but the space between the shelves is big, so I can pile things high.

My question is, would I be better to maybe roll my towels up, to make a bit more space?

Is there some other method of storing bedding rather than a huge stack of folded up items?

My cupboard is always in a mess because taking one thing out unbalances the stacks.

Question 2. Should I get a life?

Daisydoes Wed 18-Mar-20 17:25:11

Do you have bedding for separate rooms?
I have a super king, king, double and single😯
I neatly fold fitted sheet, quilt cover and (potentially) second pillowcas e and pop them all inside a pillowcase.
This then ' lives' in its own room, usually in a drawer.
Makes life so much easier!

And yes, definitely roll towels!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 18-Mar-20 17:26:12

Store your complete bed set inside one of the matching pillowcases, that way you only have to look for one item when bed changing.

Rolling towels is an excellent way to go, and looks nice also.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 18-Mar-20 17:27:00

OopsDaisydoes crossed posts

MissAdventure Wed 18-Mar-20 17:32:50

All that neatly folding and popping sounds like hard work to a lazy person like me.
Are you sure that amount of effort would pay dividends at a later date?

sodapop Wed 18-Mar-20 17:37:58

Good idea Grannygravy & Daisy think I err on the side of laziness as well though.

MissAdventure Wed 18-Mar-20 17:51:21

I can't fold fitted sheets anyway.
I seem never to have got the knack.

Daisydoes Wed 18-Mar-20 18:11:39

Yes, but when I say neatly fold, I actually mean stuff.
It is no hard work at all. In fact, it is supremely lazy as you don't have to do any work at the other end

MissAdventure Wed 18-Mar-20 18:13:56

I like the way you think, daisy smile

JackyB Wed 18-Mar-20 18:17:25

I have limited room for towels, so I have experimented with different ways of folding them to make maximum use of the area available, which also means that there aren't so many layers.

Usually the best way is to fold them into thirds.

Rolling is fun if all towels are the same size, but large bath towels become too unwieldy. However you can use the whole height of the shelf if you roll carefully and push them in strategically.

Greymar Wed 18-Mar-20 18:19:49

Didn't Martha Stewart have something to say on this subject?

Pantglas2 Wed 18-Mar-20 18:51:02

Q2 yes wink

MissAdventure Wed 18-Mar-20 22:35:36

grin I thought so too.

Callistemon Wed 18-Mar-20 22:49:31

I tried the rolling towels method but found it very annoying so went back to folding them.

A tip I spread somewhere was to put the folded sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases into one of the pillowcases from the set, timidly stored and easily identified.

I don't do that either but it is a good idea.

Answer 2 Get a folding stool (Dunelm do them for a fiver, as do other outlets) so that you reach what you want easily

Callistemon Wed 18-Mar-20 22:51:47

Not spread - read
Not timidly - tidily

Flippin' autocorrect, I am so fed up with it but if I take it off the capitalisation goes too!!

I'm beginning to feel like Stanley Unwin.

Callistemon Wed 18-Mar-20 22:53:47

Daisydoes already suggested the pillowcase tip, sorry.

It's time for bed in my sheets that need to be changed tomorrow.
Cue for airing cupboard chaos.

Callistemon Wed 18-Mar-20 22:54:34

And GrannyGravy

Definitely moon