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Funds raised?

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felice Sat 11-Apr-20 15:33:44

I am sure I will need to duck and run after this.
I really applaud all the money being raised for the NHS, as someone who has 5 close family members in the NHS including DS2.
My question is, where do all the funds go, will they be given to each Health Trust to use as they need or go into a large pot controlled by the Government.
In fact where do the donations go, is there one account they are paid into?
Just a question.

Maggiemaybe Sun 12-Apr-20 06:01:45

All the information about the NHS Charities Together initiative is on its website.

felice Sun 12-Apr-20 09:29:08

Thank you Maggie, Happy Easter, stay safe and keep well. flowers

Maggiemaybe Sun 12-Apr-20 09:44:23

You too, felice, and all your family, particularly at the moment those working in the NHS. God bless them. thanks