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Warrior Cats related gift

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Nata Fri 17-Apr-20 07:51:06

My GD turns 9 this month and her parents will prepare a virtual birthdy party in Zoom for her. I think about the present and her parents told me everything will be okay if the present would be delivered in a contactless way. So now I have about 1.5 weeks to think about the said present. I know that she is crazy about Warrior Cats and she reads all these books for only goodness know which time, so I thought about getting her something related to the Cats. I know there is an official website with the merch products (plushes, t-shirts, etc) but woud it be safe to order from there right now? Or should I think of something different?

CathTheWise Fri 17-Apr-20 10:10:34

I don't think it wouldn't be safe right now but I have doubts about the time of that delivery. If the store is not in the UK you may lose a lot of time just waiting for them to send the items to you. Maybe there is something related to Warrior Cats that can be found nearby? Check on that, if possible. Also if there is nothing you can get, you can prepare a gift by yourself, like a cup with some of the Cats' characters or maybe a photo calendar, there are websites where you can create photo calendars with your own pictures like Photo Calendar creator. Or just print a poster via Shutterfly if that's possible. Children love having everything related to their favorite characters. it doesn't have to be an official merch item.