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Puzzler61 Tue 05-May-20 08:11:17

When I checked the weather out of my window today I thought of “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. It’s a book I read with my daughters.

Back then the days always ended with cuddling and reading a story to each in turn, they smelled fresh and powdery from their bath and a story settled them down ready for sleep.

What books did you read with your children that you remember fondly?

Are you reading to your grandchildren on WhatsApp or Zoom during lockdown, as my friend is? What are they particularly enjoying.

Lucca Tue 05-May-20 08:21:37

I read the Indian in the Cupboard series by Lynne Reid Banks to my children and now I’m reading it on FaceTime to my grandson. He has a copy too so he can follow while I read if he wants to, plus I record the odd chapter and e mail it to him so he can listen if he needs some quiet time. I’m enjoying it, it takes me back ! I think we may have had this thread before by the way......

Puzzler61 Tue 05-May-20 08:50:48

Oops I didn’t check previous threads Lucca .
I’m relatively new, joined 3 weeks ago.
It’s a great idea to send a copy of the book you’re reading to older children so they can follow 📖

TwiceAsNice Tue 05-May-20 09:10:14

I am currently reading Black Beauty to my grandchildren. They are loving it . It’s a very old book belonged to my father and it has colour plates and ink sketches in it rather than illustrations.

Puzzler61 Tue 05-May-20 10:09:15

That sounds like a beautiful heir loom to enjoy and pass down the generations TwiceAsNice.

vampirequeen Tue 05-May-20 18:35:25

We read the Chronicles of Narnia, The Secret Garden, Swallows and Amazons when my girls were small. My stepson's favourite shared book was called My Dad but my all time favourite is a book that's impossible to read without laughing. It's called The Wonkey Donkey.

Lucca Tue 05-May-20 18:37:32

Vampire queen I guess you’ve seen the video of the lovely Scottish granny reading that to her grandson?

vampirequeen Wed 06-May-20 13:08:06

Yes it's one of the funniest videos I've seen grin

quizqueen Wed 06-May-20 13:18:17

My granddaughter loves the Narnia books and The Famous Five and craves the adventures they had. Many children's lives are so restricted now compared with the childhood I had in the 1950s, where I was trusted to go off playing as long as I came home around meal times and didn't do anything too stupid.

lemsip Tue 19-May-20 11:15:30

enid blyton Mr twiddle books when grandchildren were 3-5 ish. about a very silly man who got everything mrs twiddle asked him to do mixed up! lots of laughter!. in their twenties now!

Urmstongran Tue 19-May-20 12:17:22

Children smelling of talcum powder.
That brings back memories in itself!

Puzzler61 Tue 19-May-20 12:20:29

I don’t remember Mr Twiddle books lemsip but our primary school teacher read Bobby Brewster stories to us just before going-home time and I loved those.

Puzzler61 Tue 19-May-20 12:23:14

Oh Urmstongran that stirs up my memory too.
Of DD, fresh out of the bath and smelling of Johnson’s talc , lying in the crook of my arm while I read to her before bed.

Urmstongran Tue 19-May-20 12:33:54

Puzzler61 😊❤️

MadCatWoman1 Tue 19-May-20 19:54:34

My own children used to enjoy Enid Blyton books, also Mr Men ones. My 9yr old GC like the David Walliams ones and the 5yr old enjoys things like The Tiger Who Came To Tea and We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Lyndylou Tue 19-May-20 22:06:37

I have been telling myself for sometime that my DGS is way beyond all our favourite books by Jill Murphy like Peace at Last and as my DD doesn't want any more children and my DS has always been adamant that he was not having children, then I should clear them out to someone else. But all of a sudden my DS announced his GF was having an IVF baby. They didn't expect it to be successful and I am delighted. So I am glad I kept the books and look forward to reading them to the new GC.

kangaroo73 Thu 21-May-20 16:38:22

Badjelly the Witch by Spike Milligan. My children loved it as well as my grandchildren. The illustrations are crazy and amazing. Guaranteed to make them laugh 😂

Puzzler61 Fri 22-May-20 07:59:01

Fabulous news Lyndylou!

By the time the baby comes we should be out of lockdown.
Happy times with the new baby are just around the corner for you 🍼