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help with occupying GS and GS long distance during lockdown!

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jools1 Wed 06-May-20 14:40:48

Help!! DH and I have been asked to read stories every day to our GS and GD who are 5 year old twins. The idea is to occupy them for an hour or so while the parents work at home. Fine, and we really want to help out ,but the problem is that we must do this using Zoom or Skype as they all live abroad. An additional problem is that their main language is French so their spoken English is not great. We know them well and love them to bits but think we will have to find additonal activities to keep them interested and for any length of time. Before I panic completely, does anyone out have any suggestions??!

Coolgran65 Wed 06-May-20 14:56:15

Not easy. I used toys/puppets to play Boo and for make up stories. But can’t see wee ones sitting for a full hour.

Septimia Wed 06-May-20 14:58:35

Maybe it's a good opportunity for them to practise their English. You could give the name of something in English and they have to go and find it. They could also tell you its name in both French and English when they've found it. It's an active thing for them to do and just doing a few words each day should stop them getting bored too soon.

SueDonim Wed 06-May-20 15:05:47

On practicalities, we’ve found Zoom is much better than Skype. smile

My 2yo GD was entranced yesterday when I took her on a ‘tour’ of my house on my iPad. She loved seeing the things she’s familiar with on her pre-lockdown visits. As your GC are a bit older you could combine that with the English/French words idea.

It is hard, though, small children have short concentration spans.

mariella22 Sat 16-May-20 15:54:43

I sometime play a memory game with my far away DGs aged 4 and 6. Put 5 objects on a little tray e.g. lego man, felt pen, spoon, sweetie, photo...can be anything . Have them look carefully. They then close their eyes and you take one object away and move the objects around a bit ( or not, depending on age/ ability) They open their eyes,and guess correctly the missing object . You could use both French and English for the objects .Children love this kind of game. They can prepare a tray for you to guess at their end . You are lucky to have an hour regularly . We have a facetime about once a month at our request as we miss seeing them as they have just newly moved abroad . Ah well .

Razzy Sat 16-May-20 19:08:43

What about drawing? Perhaps a “guess what it is” and you all take turns - maybe just draw a body to start, then a head and so on.

Lucca Sat 16-May-20 19:32:54

I also do the kims game thing. They would probably like a quiz. I did one about me basically. What is granny’s favourite colour. What colour is granny’s car. What does granny like doing etc etc.
I bet there are story books in French and English available,