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Newquay Thu 07-May-20 22:34:03

There’s recently been a fire in a nearby forest which threatened some homes. Talking to a lady I know who lives there said they could see some very high flames and the fire brigade told them to get out immediately. Her partner had grabbed several lots of clothes; she grabbed one pair of pyjamas, one pair of knickers, chocolate and perfume! Mercifully the house was spared and they’re safely back home now but it made me think what would I grab if I had to leave NOW! What about you?

BlueSky Thu 07-May-20 23:05:26

My iPhone and credit card!

Lilypops Thu 07-May-20 23:10:05

My phone and credit card too , but I would also take my notebook of passwords oh and spare knickers ,!!

Chestnut Thu 07-May-20 23:12:35

Keys, purse, glasses, mobile phone and hard drive which holds everything I've ever done including 25 years of family history research. However, I do have everything important inside a small fire safe as well.

Maggiemaybe Thu 07-May-20 23:13:16

As it seems to be welded to my hand at the moment - my mobile. My big coat, my glasses. If I’d my wits about me, I’d take the portable computer drive and the card holder with all my cards in. That way I’d have everything I need, cash, photos, contacts, important documents.

In reality I’d probably be running out there barefoot with a paperback and a multipack of crisps.

Maggiemaybe Thu 07-May-20 23:15:55

And that violet gin I’m very partial to.

Evie64 Thu 07-May-20 23:28:38

Handbag (containing cards), phone, finance and household insurance details folder, laptop, food and chocolate, the family photo albums, the cat, oh yeah, and the husband! Errr, gathering that lot I'd probably burn to death? This is scary.......shock

Tillypuppy Fri 08-May-20 00:21:59

My dog and handbag which contains my medication.

heath480 Fri 08-May-20 00:22:42

My dog,my cat.

agnurse Fri 08-May-20 01:27:28

My mobile, my purse, and our kitties. Of course my husband and our daughter too!

When I was young, we were always taught, "Things can be replaced. People can't."

ArtySue Fri 08-May-20 08:09:26

I was in a fire once in an attic flat and only had time to grab a pair of knickers, douse them with water from a vase of flowers and hold them to my face as I crawled down the stairs. No time to think of anything else!

Oopsminty Fri 08-May-20 08:10:33

My small dog

TerryM Fri 08-May-20 08:22:30

A few years back we were in the same situation. Evacuated from our house.
I now have a bag at the door with the dog's long lot of medication to grab.
There are items I would be devastated to lose and unable to be replaced however as long as husband dog and I were safe...that will do me
Slowly scanning old family photos for posterity up to the cloud .

Gummie Fri 08-May-20 08:29:12

If I was alone. My 2 cats, car keys and phone. Might have to unlock the car first so that I could fling the moggies in it and drive off. Everything else is just stuff.

Puzzler61 Fri 08-May-20 08:37:58

My DH, my cat, and handbag.
We had 6 monthly fire drill evacuations when I was working and I was often told off by the Fire Warden for going to get my handbag before evacuating the building 🥱

Oldwoman70 Fri 08-May-20 08:39:40

Handbag containing cash and cards and family photos which can't be replaced (I can always buy replacement clothes and knickers!)

Maggiemaybe Fri 08-May-20 08:45:50

A few weeks ago, I’d have said my handbag as well, but the poor thing hasn’t had an outing since lockdown. Its contents are scattered (keys in the hall, credit cards by the computer for the online shopping, makeup on the mantelpiece handy for FaceTime, mobile with me at all times), and it’s been banished to a wardrobe, an empty shell. How times change.