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Have you done your daily exercise yet?

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Riverwalk Fri 08-May-20 12:19:19

I went out at 09.30 for a 75 minute walk - it was gloriously warm and sunny and there were more people around than I expected.

Maybe they wanted to get out before the crowds!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 08-May-20 12:25:42

I haven't been out for my little walk yet and feel that I should force myself to do so. I've never been one for sport of any kind and find it hard to get enthusiastic about it.

I go round the block and count the rainbows in the windows which livens it up a bit.

tanith Fri 08-May-20 12:53:14

I was late today as I had a click and collect slot to go and pick up. I’m back from my walk 50 mins round the golf course and through the Dog Rose Ramble footpath which runs through it and beyond. When they rebuilt the golf course 10yrs ago they took down the visible signs showing where the path runs to discourage walkers crossing the course but I and others walk it as often as we can to keep it marked. I still get challenged occasionally by golfers but I point out it’s a public footpath and they go quiet. I always make sure it’s safe before crossing the fairways though.

Riverwalk Fri 08-May-20 13:28:04

I still get challenged occasionally by golfers but I point out it’s a public footpath and they go quiet.

Good for you tanith

gillyknits Fri 08-May-20 13:31:34

My DH and I did our Friday half hour of Pilates. I have been doing it for years but he’s just started. Noticing an improvement in his balance but his attempt at a side plank ended up with a crash! Timber! We had a good laugh though.

tidyskatemum Fri 08-May-20 13:34:20

I’m up and out before 6.30 every morning. We’re lucky in that 200 yards down the road you’re on farmland with plenty of footpaths so I have a daily nature walk, taking my binoculars. It’s uplifting to see hares, deer and lots of different birds while it’s quiet. By lunchtime it’s like the M6 with all the families on bike rides!

vampirequeen Fri 08-May-20 14:08:03

We went out on our bikes at 6.45am. We'd covered our route (roads and off road) and were home by 8am. We love going out early.

SirChenjin Fri 08-May-20 14:11:57

No not yet - been working remotely since 8.15am do will do my exercise later when I’m finished

Judy54 Fri 08-May-20 14:16:16

I try every day to practice my Tai Chi (not very well). Our Instructor has told us not to get to hung up about it and try doing it in chunks that we can remember. It works for me but I do miss the class and the friendly people there.

grannysyb Fri 08-May-20 16:14:31

Going soon, very carefully as going down the road where I tripped last week. As I now have a broken wrist DH raised his eyebrows, have promised to be very careful!

paddyanne Fri 08-May-20 17:15:31

I'm exercising indoors because my allergies are really bad in the sun.I'm doing half an hour of light weights ,half ahour of Pilates and half an hour on the treadmill .I might up the weights next week .My OH is walking 5 miles or so a day which is a lot less than his normal but he says there are too many people about who wont keep the 2 metre rule so he doesn't feel safe.He does have a heart condition so he's being wise

Fennel Fri 08-May-20 17:23:05

We get up early , 5-6am. Then I get a cup of strong coffee and lie in my recliner chair. But I still keep dozing off.
We had breakfast at 8am and I went back to sleep again.
That's no good I thought so dragged myself upstairs and got dressed and went out about 10 am .
Decided to get the bus and waited for half an hour - it was a beautiful morning and I quite enjoyed people and nature watching.during the wait.The bus was nearly empty.
Got to the shop I wanted eventually and it was so good to see people (only a few) and make smalltalk. With social distancing.
On the way back I made the effort to walk and felt more human when I got home. I should have done it the other way round.

Fiachna50 Fri 08-May-20 17:28:40

Im trying to make the effort to go a daily walk. It does help with things.

rubysong Fri 08-May-20 20:37:31

Too busy at the moment with Ancestry free for a few days I am trying to fill in some family history gaps. Also I did some baking this morning, be-ro melting moments and scones using cream and lemonade for our VE75 garden cream tea. Then to the pub, by car to collect take away food for us and a friend. I've had a G&T now so I shall only walk down the garden to close the greenhouse door. I will walk tomorrow.

CanadianGran Fri 08-May-20 21:08:04

Walking every day after work. I aim for 30-45 minutes depending on the route and the weather.

I do park furthest away from the office, and it means coming down 80 stairs! This definitely gets my heart pumping after work when i have to go back up.