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Buying large nursery items

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Blue55 Thu 14-May-20 16:26:39

I told my DD that I would pay up to £1000 for certain baby items. She bought them for £700 which I gave her but should I have given her the £1000 as I had previously said?

nanny2507 Thu 14-May-20 16:28:50

no. you said up to £1000. That gives you £300 to spoil the new grandchild xx

V3ra Thu 14-May-20 16:49:35

If you'd budgeted for it anyway, you could always add it to the baby's bank account when your daughter opens one 👶

paddyanne Thu 14-May-20 17:13:43

Idid the same for our last GD ,they also bought things under the budget.I asked them if they would like a newborn shoot with an ward winning baby photographer to use the rest and have something to keep .They did and have some lovely pictures of baby all taken when she was days old .

rosenoir Thu 14-May-20 17:59:21

I would give the £1000, as she seems a good shopper I am sure it would not be wasted.

Maybe she budgeted because she had plans for the extra money.

Westcoaster Thu 14-May-20 18:06:51

I remember going pram shopping (having offered to buy said pram) and DD and SIL having different preferences. In the end I gave money enough to pay for the more expensive option and left it to them to choose what they wanted. As usual, SIL got his way!!!