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Newquay Wed 20-May-20 08:12:58

Morning all. We have a lovely garden, DH is a talented gardener and he grows veg as well as other magnificent plants. We’ve lived here a long time, lovely neighbours. A few years ago next door neighbour sadly died and house is now occupied by their daughter. We were supportive during her parents last few years. DH used to look after their (even larger) garden too til it became too much for him so he arranged someone else to take over. All in the gardens rosy. . .however daughter has taken to rescuing animals. At the last count there are 5 cats and 3 dogs. Neighbours all around are as fed up as we are especially with cats who, of course, poo everywhere-and fight! We’ve tried everything to discourage them; laid holly or netting over soil we’ve turned over before planting and used Jeyes fluid too-so garden smells like a public toilet. At least better than poo smell-covered in bluebottles too! DH has now built a cage to surround veg plot-do hope it works. Neighbour is isolating herself-especially at the mo-try to shout hello and ask if she’s ok, if she needs any help (we used to get on much better!) but she’s very defensive and becoming more and more eccentric. Rant over-any ideas?

Wibby Thu 21-May-20 09:08:00

My late husband raced pigeons so they were always bothered by cats, he always put mothballs around the loft to keep the cats away and it worked.

HAZBEEN Thu 21-May-20 10:06:46

Dont use Jeyes Fluid. Cats especially undoctored toms will try to scent mark over it!Its something to do the smell. Try citrus essential oils sprinkled around, it last a long time and most cats but not all hate lemon and orange swells.

Newquay Sat 23-May-20 05:10:18

Thanks-I thought this hadn’t posted! Will definitely get some mothballs-suppose Amazon at the mo?!-and citrus oils too. I have an orange most days, had forgotten about that too. The Jeyes fluid doesn’t seem to make a big difference-except in the smell. The morning routine is I gather the poo-usually only one now, thank goodness-on a hand trowel using a hand fork then throw it over the fence between us onto neighbour’s path which she seems to sweep. I figure that way it gets cleaned away. I’m sad our relationship is not going well all cos of these cats. Am concerned for her, alone, increasingly eccentric. A hoarder although tidy enough in her huge garden, all so sad.

gillybob Sat 23-May-20 06:05:55

We have the same problem. Although my garden is not what I would describe as “lovely” I do try my best and it’s one of the very few “real” gardens around where I live.

Next door has a huge, sly cat . It sits on the fence waiting to pounce on the poor unsuspecting birds in my little tree or on the bird table. It sh*ts all over my planting areas so I have to be really careful where I tread . Picking it up every morning on a shovel I am so tempted to give it back to the rightful owners .

It wails and screams during the night and the sound of it fighting with other local cats is almost frightening . Of course it’s owners are oblivious . It doesn’t sh*t in their paved paradise and they must wear earplugs at night .

Chewbacca Sat 23-May-20 06:08:06

My neighbours, on both sides of me, dislike cats entering their garden and have installed sensors that emit a high pitched sound that's inaudible to humans but cats dislike it apparently. They've both said that it's stopped any cats coming onto their property. Personally, I love cats, although I havent got one at the moment but these seem to be a humane deterrent.

Check out "Solar Sonic Cat Defenders" at Arg*s; they're about £15.00 each.

gillybob Sat 23-May-20 06:15:28

I’ve got 2 in my back and 2 in my front chewy . My back garden is a strange shape. It was very sloping when we moved in but we have created a sort of 2 tier garden making it quite hard for the cat scarers to cover the entire area. I have watched the cat (it’s pretty clever) walk around the garden as to avoid Catching the sensors . Moving them is fruitless as the horrible cat just negotiates it’s way around and changes it places to do it’s business. I’ve tried orange peel, coffee grounds , pepper, sonic cat scarers ......... I wanted to put some of those plastic spikes in the fence top but my neighbour said not on her side as it would stop the cat from sitting on the fence ......well yes that was the general idea .

Newquay Wed 27-May-20 13:24:20

DH hoes out on “poo patrol” on his way to his greenhouse. He used to throw it over the hedge onto neighbour’s (large) lawn but if I do it I throw it over fence onto her path. DH is now throwing it onto her front drive. I hear a lot of mixed reviews about the sonic thingies

Willow500 Wed 27-May-20 14:22:00

Have you tried Lion Poo - it's available on Amazon I think and supposed to be very good.

I have cats - one is indoor and wouldn't be seen dead doing anything so unladylike as going to toilet outside. The other is an outdoor old boy and I see him using our old planters - he can't go in either sides neighbours gardens as one side has an Alsatian and the other 3 dogs. They also have a huge pigeon loft which overlooks out garden but he doesn't bother with that or even all the birds I feed in ours. A bigger mess is made by the wild pigeons who poo everywhere both at the front and the back! angry

EllanVannin Wed 27-May-20 16:40:15

I've got 3 cats and I've watched where they " go " over time as I don't want any complaints as I know how I'd feel if I had a prized garden or was growing veg.

It appears now that two cats jump a high fence which separates a house in the next road and along this fence on the house side is a row of pine trees kept as hedging and not left to grow lofty.
Both cats, after their morning toilet return to mine with pine needles on their tails so they obviously " go " in the undergrowth where the pine trees are growing. It'll be like a mulch beneath the pines.

So far after all the years I've never heard anyone complaining and I'm nick-named the cat lady. I'd be horrified if I thought the cats were being nuisances. The third cat wees ( not a Tom smell ) on the grass verge outside my front door but I haven't yet seen where he poo's, though again, nobody's complained.

No noise or trouble out of them as all 3 are inside every night, asleep.

Newquay Wed 03-Jun-20 07:29:58

We’d be so glad if these pesky cats were kept in-at least overnight-they are a thorough nuisance and 5 is just too many in a suburban setting IMHO

H1954 Wed 03-Jun-20 07:41:39

Hi Newquay, I sympathise totallywith you! I detest cats and my front garden was the local cat litter tray for years! I tried Jeyes fluid too but it can damage tarmac and after a shower of rain the smell disappears.

There was piles of cat poo amongst my plants every morning, the smell of it when cleaning it up makes me heave. Sometimes the cats had very loose poo which was a nightmare to clean up as you no doubt know!

I have purchased a sonic animal scarer from Amazon, other online stores are available. It wasn't cheap, £26.99, but it works!!!!!! It has five settings for different garden pests and five volume settings. I still check the borders and planting areas every day and up to now there's been nothing.

Good luck in successfully deterring the cats 👍

Furret Wed 03-Jun-20 07:48:17

My dog won’t allow cats in the back garden. I bought a cat scarer off the Internet and that seems to work in the front.

Adults can’t hear it but cats and children can. Only problem is next door’s child who complains about the noise if he breaks the beam when walking up our shared path at the side.

Furret Wed 03-Jun-20 07:49:51

That must be the same one I have H1954. I’ve had it 5 years now and still going strong.

nanny007 Wed 03-Jun-20 08:27:40

Jeyes fluid is poisonous to cats. Please do not use it where cats visit.

Marmight Wed 03-Jun-20 08:47:59

Strategically placed cocktail sticks - just saying 🙀

grannysyb Wed 03-Jun-20 08:52:11

Pump action water pistol , mix citronella oil with the water.

maytime2 Wed 03-Jun-20 10:23:19

Don't cat owners think that they should train their cats to use a litter tray when they are kittens. Dogs, quite rightly, can't defecate where they want without their owners being fined, it should apply to cat owners to.
I bought a cat scarer from Amazon last Autumn (19.99) and it has done the trick at the front of my property up until now.

mokryna Wed 03-Jun-20 11:21:24

I don't know if it has been tested regarding young children as they can hear the high pitched sounds we can't. It has been used against teenagers to get them to move on. They even caused havoc, as a joke against others in classes because the teachers were unaware. However, babies can't protest and nor get out of the way.

Furret Wed 03-Jun-20 13:23:57

Why should a young baby be near a sonic cat repellent?

PinkCakes Wed 03-Jun-20 14:14:26

My cat knows how to use a litter tray (it's always kept clean and out of the way in the downstairs loo), but he refuses to use it. I have heard that the sonic cat scarers are good. Some cats don't like the smell of bleach, so perhaps that might be worth trying?

May7 Wed 03-Jun-20 15:14:00

It requires a change in attitude really I think. When I was a young child dogs ran loose but over the years people have been educated to think that it’s not acceptable for this to happen anymore. Perhaps cat owners would think about not letting their animals run loose. If they are out of your sight then you don’t know where they are leaving their mess or killing birds or howling under someone’s window.
After all you wouldn’t be happy if my dogs/chickens/rabbits etc used your garden.

H1954 Thu 04-Jun-20 07:46:17

Spot on May7! I guess most cat owners could be classed as NIMBY'S.............Not In My Back Yard!

I know of the person who owns the cat that fouls gardens around me and she is not a nice person, I've heard her on numerous occasions shouting at people when they've taken exception and confronted about her cat and her two yappy dogs! She has even resorted to being physical!

If cat owners don't like gardeners using stuff in their own gardens that might be harmful to the cats they should keep the cats under control. Although I have the sonic scarer now I shall use what I like in MY garden to keep paths clean and the borders weed-free!