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whoisthis Fri 05-Jun-20 12:12:06

lonely with no one to ring or meet.

whoisthis Fri 05-Jun-20 12:12:28


tanith Fri 05-Jun-20 12:35:06

Sorry you’re feeling lonely but you can chat to us here and maybe we can make you feel less or even suggest things you could do to feel a little less alone. Take care and keep posting or join in at Soops kitchen it’s very friendly there.

Furret Fri 05-Jun-20 12:36:24

So sorry to read this. Why not chat on here for now? Then perhaps after lockdown you might feel able to get out and meet people.

NfkDumpling Fri 05-Jun-20 12:36:52

Soops kitchen is a warm and friendly place. I occasionally lurk there for a bit to catch up on gossip!

TrendyNannie6 Fri 05-Jun-20 12:40:55

Sorry you are feeling lonely.why not think of a few dif posts you can put on here, and you will get lots of us answering with different outlooks, we are a friendly bunch

Alexa Fri 05-Jun-20 13:29:42

Whoisthis, do you live in the town or the country? Do you like mens or womens company or does it not matter to you? Do you like small children or are they a nuisance?

Most important: do you like Marmite on toast?

grannysue05 Fri 05-Jun-20 13:34:25

Don't be lonely. Tell us a little about yourself and you will soon have lots of GN's answering your thread.
We are a chatty bunch.
You will soon wonder why you ever felt alone.

pensionpat Fri 05-Jun-20 13:49:28

If you would prefer a phone call, ring Age UK and ask for a befriender. They will ring you regularly for a chat. Or offer to be one of their befrienders.

whoisthis Fri 05-Jun-20 15:08:07

I live just outside of the town, I am married but my husband works full time and seems to have a lot of people he can ring for a chat. I don't mind who I am friends with as long as they are sincere. I like to spend time with young children and do have a grandchild I see sometimes.

Charleygirl5 Fri 05-Jun-20 15:55:57

Good Morning is another gentle thread and you will be warmly welcomed there. Be a lurker for a few days and then take the plunge and introduce yourself.

In normal times, if they ever return, I meet up with two separate groups around once a month for coffee/lunch. In the first group, there are 4 of us and we all get along very well.

The second group is larger- can be around 8 and we meet in a store at Oxford Street for coffee/lunch. Again, we all come from different backgrounds but get along very well. I email one person from that group almost daily- we seemed to hit it off the first time we met.

Good luck.

AGAA4 Fri 05-Jun-20 16:23:29

Whoisthis. Loneliness is hard to bear. I know you can't join anything just now but try U3A when lockdown is eased more. I meet a group once a month for lunch. There are lots of different groups and you will find one to interest you.

For now find something that interests you. Reading, writing, learning something new.

Hope you feel better soon flowers

Fennel Fri 05-Jun-20 17:16:34

whoisthis - I'm not surprised you're feeling lonely. We humans are social animals.
Can you go out for a walk in your neighbourhood? If so try to smile and say hello to others you pass, they're probably feeling lonely too. they might even stop and chat - this has happened to me a few times, even though they're strangers.
And after that Gransnet is my lifeline.

Alexa Fri 05-Jun-20 18:27:19

whoisthis, I too value sincerity !

I dislike the company of young children as I am not accustomed to them and they frighten my dog who likes a quiet life.

I live on the edge of a small city but have not been outside my own garden for months. (Lockdown)

Sparkling Fri 12-Jun-20 07:39:42

Whoisthis, think of the positives, you have a husband although he works long hours. So you do have company. Go for a walk, the same time each day, and start by just saying hello to those you pass by. Things can build from there. You found try to volunteer a little if your time for other, even if it's just ringing a lonely person each week for a chat or working when restrictions are lifted as a volunteer just a few hours a week would make a difference. I used to think I was lonely a few times years ago, but when my husband died thats when I knew what lonliness is.Everyone feels it at present but it will get better, come on here and there's always someone who understands and welcomes you.